Injury-riddled Jets struggle in final home game

It was a difficult night out at the temporarily named No.6 Sportsground as our injury-stricken Jets went down to Brisbane by four goals.

Brisbane got off on the front foot with two goals, but our side had their chances. Sophie Harding came close after breaking through the line, but was unable to get her shot off due to some good Brisbane defence. Elizabeth Eddy and Lauren Allan both also had chances, but failed to capitalise.

The second half began in the same fashion as the first as Larissa Crummer sealed her hat-trick against her former side, but one silver lining of the game saw Allan back on the scoresheet for the first time since scoring in Round One, grabbing herself a consolation effort after a terrific pass from Ash Brodigan.

With just two outfield players on the bench – both scholarship players – our side failed to successfully fight back.

It was a disappointing result despite a great night out celebrating Cass Davis’ record-breaking achievement. Our Jets will now head off to Brisbane, to face the same side on Monday night which will finish off their season.

See below for a play-by-play review of our match with Brisbane.


90′ Brisbane try for another goal, but Coelho does well to hold it.

85′ Eddy tries a free-kick with a thumping effort. But it unfortunately falls safely into the hands of the keeper.

80′ Gooch and Morley are on the field!

74′ Another chance for Harding! Her left-footed long shot goes towards the top corner but the keeper holds onto it well.

73′ Harding crosses and looks for Allan on the back post, but a quality defensive effort clears the ball away.

71′ GOAL! NEW 1-5 BRI Roar extend their lead.

70′ OFF THE POST! Captain Davis goes within inches of scoring her first goal! A long shot hits the crossbar and goes over.

68′ Johnson finds herself with her back to the goalkeeper. She tries to find an opening to shoot, but the Roar defence stop her.

63′ GOALLLL!!!! NEW 1-4 BRI Allan pulls one back for our team after a terrific ball from Brodigan!

57′ GOAL! NEW 0-4 BRI A hat-trick for Crummer.

55′ GOAL! NEW 0-3 BRI A brace for Crummer after she slides through the defence and scores a one-on-one

54′ A chance for Brodigan! The balls drops inside the box and she out muscles a defender to allow her a clean shot. Her shot is wide and high though.

52′ Roar have the first chance of the second half from a corner kick. The initial cross pops back out and is smashed wide of the goal.

45′ Second half begins and our team needs goals!


45+2‘ Eddy has a free-kick right on the stroke of half-time, but her shot drifts wide.

44′ Allan places a threatening ball into the box, but Harding can’t make strong contact with the ball.

39′ Another great cross finds Allan unmarked in the box, but a good save stops her from opening our record today.

33′ A cross from Brewer picks out Allan beautifully in the box but her header falls into the hands of the goalkeeper.

29′ GOAL! NEW 0-2 BRI Roar launch another into our goal. Work to do.

24′ Harding breaks through the line and goes agonisingly close. But a defender stops her shot right at the last moment.

19′ Brisbane go close again with another effort, this time in the box. But it sails over the bar.

17′ GOAL! NEW 0-1 BRI Roar grab the first of the game.

14′ Eddy knocks in a free-kick and falls almost directly on the penalty spot for an incoming Allan. She volleys it, but the shot goes wide.

10′ OFF THE POST X2! A Brisbane free-kick flies into a dangerous area and the shot cannons into the crossbar…and it also does on the way down! Somehow our side are able to scramble the ball away and the scores stay level.

8′ OFF THE POST! Eddy drives into the box from out wide, beating a couple of defenders, before smashing it towards goal. Only the post stops us from going up early on.

6′ Brisbane try a counter attack, but the eventual cross is snuffed out by Coelho’s hands.

3′ A dangerous corner kick comes in from Brisbane, and bobbles about in the air, before Coelho leaps and takes control.

KICK-OFF: We’re underway here at No.6 Sportsground!

FRIDAY 7:00PM: Our starting line-up for our final home game is confirmed

FRIDAY 7:00PM: Our opponents have also locked in their line-up for tonight: 25. Shuttleworth (GK), 11. Tathem, 18. Haffenden, 5. Rankin, 22. Clough, 7. Norrie, 10. Gorry, 14. Kitano, 8. Hecher, 2. Margraf, 9. Crummer. Subs: 3. Rasschaert, 15. Foletta, 19. Palmer, 31. Davern, 34. Symes (GK)

FRIDAY 3:00PM: No.6 Sportsground looks schmick with the sun out and shining for a big night at home!

FRIDAY 9:30AM: Hannah Brewer and Cass Davis chat about celebrating their significant milestones alongside one another.

FRIDAY 9:30AM: Watch Ash Wilson give the Final Word on our clash with the Roar

FRIDAY 9:30AM: Today’s gameday is a real special one for the Club as we celebrate Cass Davis’ record-breaking achievement of 109 consecutive games. Here’s how we’re celebrating