Mixed results for Jets in home return

While our girls played out a thrilling draw, our men went down late in what was a mixed evening at McDonald Jones Stadium.

The girls started off the double-header event in style with a goal in the first minute, but were left to share the points as the exciting affair ended 3-all against Canberra United.

Our men weren’t so lucky however, going down against Adelaide United in what was their first game of 2022. Despite the Jets leading for most the game, Adelaide were able to pinch it late with two late goals to steal all three points.

Follow the play-by-play in what was a packed evening of football below.

Full – Time

90′ NEW 1 – 2 ADL Adelaide hit the lead late

88′ NEW 1 – 1 ADL Adelaide grab a late equaliser from a free kick.

82′ Jets see away a dangerous Adelaide corner, as they move forward looking to finish the game off with another goal

80′ Adelaide are pushing forward for their chance to snatch it late, however, they are called for offside

76′ Penha tries his luck from just outside the 18-yard box, however he misfires and it is quickly claimed by the goalkeeper

75′ SUB: Goalscorer Mikeltadze comes from the field for Eli Babalj

74′ Adelaide pushing hard for an equaliser, however, the Jets seem to have all the answers.

68′ A brilliant save from Duncan see’s the Jets still hold onto their lead.

67′ SUB: Al Taay comes on for O’Doherty

64′ Duncan quickly shuts down an Adelaide breakaway

61′ Jets have 10 shots on goal to Adelaide’s 3

59′ GOOOOOALLLLLLL!!!! NEW 1 – 0 ADL Mikeltadze latches onto a lethal cross from Boumal to open our account for the day

57′ Mikeltadze and Boumal are heading our attack for the second half, but are looking for their moment to capitalise.

54′ Adelaide move up the field, but their attacking chance is seen away for a goal kick

50′ Game stopped for a head clash, Penha is back on his feet after the collision.

47′ Adelaide try their luck from well outside the box, but Jack Duncan claims it easily

45′ SUBS: Siatravanis and Hoffman leave the match for Silvera and Murnane

45′ We are back underway here for the second-half!

Half – Time

45′ Jets have two shots that draw across the face of goal in a flurry, as we head into halftime

43′ Adelaide is starting to make more progress with the ball at foot, however, Jets still hold the ascendency heading into half-time

37′ Savvas has a great chance on goal with fantastic leadup work from Penha however his shot goes wide of the posts for an Adelaide goal kick

36′ The Jets see away a raid from Adelaide and look to return serve through Penha up the left flank.

33′ Jets see away a free kick from Adelaide, as they look to play it out from their end

29′ That’s a fourth yellow card for Adelaide United, the Jets continue to push hard for a goal.

26′ Adelaide have been given another yellow card, making that three for the game already.

24′ Another cheeky lay-off set-piece, however Penha hits it away for a goal kick

22′ Adelaide are given a 2nd yellow card, giving the Jets another free-kick in a dangerous position.

20′ Jets are holding the ball wall and have had 75% of possession in the opening period.

15′ A cheeky setpiece almost sees the Jets open their account for the evening, however, it is scrambled away by the visitors

14′ Jets awarded another free-kick just outside the 18-yeard box, and a yellow card is produced for the Adelaide player

11′ Penha is starting to cause havoc for the Adelaide side, as the Jets start to stamp their authority on the game

9′ The free-kick is dealt with quickly by the Adelaide defence.

8′ Jets awarded a free kick in dangerous territory for the visitors, we have seen them score these before this season!

7′ Jurman makes quick work of Adelaide’s entry to our 18-yard box, and clears it away for a throw-in

4′ Adelaide are called for offside in their first attacking raid on the Jets

2′ Jets awarded a second foul, as they look to hold possession and move the ball around

1′ early foul awarded to the Jets, as they look to work the ball upfield


SUNDAY 6:30PM: Warm up done. Now time for battle.

SUNDAY 6:15pm : Here’s how the boys line-up for their first game of 2022!

Adelaide United starting XI: 46. Gauchi, 21. Lopez, 23. Tratt, 22. Jakobsen, 7. Kitto (c), 28. Juande, 6. D’arrigo, 14. Blackwood, 31. Bernardo, 17. M.Toure, 19. Dukuly Subs: 15. Ibusuki, 25. Barr, 27. Cavallo, 50. Hall, 66. Irankunda, 77. Brook


87′ Sonny Franco has the perfect opportunity to put us ahead with a 1 on 1 opportunity but is unable to convert, there is a break in play for Canberra’s injured keeper.

86′ SUBSTITUTE: Bethany Gordon comes on for Brodigan

83′ Jets are pressing for a late winner here, as they look to set up camp in Canberra’s half of the field

81′ Jets see away another dangerous corner from Canberra, a scramble in the box before it’s cleared away to safety

77′ Jets are controlling proceedings heading into this last period of the game and they quickly turn away Canberra who entered their half in search of a winner

75′ Drinks break is called as Brewer is seen to with a suspected injury

73′ Our substitutes combine and almost grab our fourth goal of the day, with Andrews serving it up for Allen before it was claimed by Canberra’s keeper

70′ Substitutes: Tara Andrews and Lauren Allen enter for goalscorer Sophie Harding and Jemma House

67′ Great save from Coelho, with her right hand all that separated us from conceding a goal.

66′ Coelho diffuses a Canberra raid, as the Jets now storm upfield.

65′ A good toe ahead from Fenton gives the Jets good field possession in Canberra’s zone as they look to restore their dominance.

62′ GOOOOAAAAALLLLL NEW 3 – CAN 3 It is all happening here at McDonald Jones Stadium, with the third goal in as many minutes from Sonny Franco drawing us level!

61′ NEW 2 – CAN 3 A corner from Canberra is capitalised on, turning the game on it’s head

59′ NEW 2 – CAN 2 Jets fail to clear a setpiece from Canberra and it is turned in by the visitors

57′ A great defensive play from Canberra shuts down an attacking raid from the Jets, as they look to apply the pressure through a throw-in deep in the visitors half.

55′ Dolvik starts a beautiful move down the flank, but her shot is dealt with by the keeper.

53′ Jets are awarded a corner, as they start this half well and truly in control

50′ GOOOOOOAAAALLLL NEW 2 – 1 CAN a brilliant composed finish from Sophie Harding see’s our lead restored!

49′ Jets continue to apply the pressure, however, Canberra reply with a cross-come-shot that almost saw the visitors take the lead

47′ Bright start from the Jets, with a cross from Brodigan only just dealt with by Canberra, away for a Jets corner.

45′ We are back underway for the second-half here at McDonald Jones Stadium


45′ Jets see away a set piece from Canberra as we approach halftime

42′ Jets unlucky to have their second goal, with Dolvik just unable to get her shot off as the ensuing corner is seen away for a corner.

38′ Jets are starting to look more dangerous with the ball, as they try to regain their early ascendency

36′ Penalty shout from Canberra falls on deaf ears, as the Jets defuse Canberra’s attacking raid

33′ Set piece from the Jets is dealt with by Canberra, with the turnover seeing Canberra enter our half of the field

29′ Good chase down from House see’s the Jets awarded a throw-in deep in Canberra’s half.

26′ Brodigan tries her luck from well outside the box but it is over the crossbar for a Canberra goal kick

25′ Jets stave off another attacking raid from Canberra with a timely clearance from Davis

20′ Our Jets looking to restore order again, holding possession as they try to wrangle back momentum

17′ NEW 1 – 1 CAN A messy cross at the back is turned in by Canberra.

13′ House tries her luck from just outside the box after brilliantly dispossessing Canberra of the ball, the shot just draws wide, however.

10′ Foul awarded to the Jets outside the 18-yard box, the set-piece almost results in the second goal of the match, with the shot just bouncing wide.

6′ Canberra launch their first attacking raid into the Jets box but their shot is wide

5′ Our girls look to establish a rhythm after gaining an early advantage, often working themselves into the Canberra United half

1′ GOOOOOAAAALLLL NEW 1 – 0 CAN Dolvik caps off a terrific solo effort with a stunning goal from outside the box, what a start!

SUNDAY 4:05PM: It’s kick-off for our women here at McDonald Jones Stadium!

SUNDAY 3:20PM: Our Women are ready to go at home!

SUNDAY 3:20PM: Canberra United’s Starting XI: 1. Richards GK, 2. Ilijoski, 3. Vidmar, 6. Hughes, 7. Washington, 8. Robinne, 12. Toby, 14. Sykes, 20. Taylor-Young, 23. Heyman (C), 25. Haran. Subs: 10. Maher, 11. Middleton, 17. Grove, 18. Lincoln (GK)

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