Jets go down in Adelaide visit

Despite having some opportunities to score, our Jets finished last in our trip to Adelaide, going down 3-0 win.

The hosts started well and put the pressure on early and troubled our goal on multiple occasions before finally find their goal midway through the first half.

A change up front saw substitute Tara Andrews pose a danger and almost level the scores, but in the end, United were too good, scoring two late goals to seal the contest.

The team now shifts their focus to Tuesday night where we host Melbourne Victory.


90′ Four minutes of stoppage time to come.

86′ Eddy attempts to curl in a wicked free-kick into the top corner, but the keeper somehow manages to keep it out.

82′ Davis tries her luck from distance, but it finishes on top of the goal instead of in it.

79′ ADL 3-0 NEW Dawber earns a penalty, takes it, and slots it coolly.

77′ A great chance for Brodigan following a superb pass from Eddy, but her shot is saved well and held onto.

75′ ADL 2-0 NEW After making a great save, Coelho was helpful to stop a follow up strike from Worts as the hosts double their lead.

68′ Lucy Johnson returns to the field after missing last week!

58′ Another chance goes begging for Andrews! Harding places a brilliant pass on the head of her striker, but her header goes high

56′ A dangerous corner comes in searching for Andrews’ head, but a foul is given away.

53′ Tiana Jaber now returns the game!

52′ Substitute Andrews almost makes an immediate impact with a half-chance bearing no fruit.

47′ We’re back underway and our team tries to grab the ascendency. Harding chases down a long ball and attempts a cross, but no one is there on the end of it.


45+2′ A cross a glancing header but Coelho holds it well

45′ Two minutes of added time to come and time to find a goal before half-time.

41′ Condon comes extremely close off a free-kick, hitting the upright.

33′ Our team are trying to work their way back into it, but are struggling with significantly less possession

24′ ADE 1-0 NEW Adelaide find their goal through Worts.

18′ House tries a header from a free-kick cross, but it doesn’t trouble the keeper.

15′ Adelaide come ever so close to scoring, but Coelho halts the ball right on the goalline keeping us level.

13′ Dolvik tries a very ambitious shot from long…A bit too ambitious and it ends very high.

12′ United continue to knock on our door with a dangerous cross being cleared by King. The subsequent corner turns to nothing though.

6′ Another great chance for Adelaide, but Coelho comes up big for a save on the cross. The follow up chance is deflected out.

3′ The hosts start well early and almost pop a cross in but it’s blocked by King.

KICK-OFF: We have lift off in Adelaide!

FRIDAY 4:20PM: Here is Starting XI and it includes a huge IN!

FRIDAY 4:20PM: Here is how Adelaide United will start tonight: 1. Annalee Grove (GK), 2. Emily Hodgson, 3. Matilda McNamara, 4. Kayla Sharples, 8. Emily Condon, 9. Paige Hayward, 10. Chelsie Dawber, 11. Isabel Hodgson (c), 12. Nanako Sasaki, 16. Dylan Holmes, 23. Fiona Worts. Subs: 20. Miranda Templeman, 6. Reona Omiya, 17. Shadeene Evans, 19. Leia Varley, 22. Emilia Murray

FRIDAY 7:30AM: Our captain Cass Davis discusses areas of improvement ahead of this clash

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FRIDAY 7:30AM: Coach Ash Wilson gives her Final Word

FRIDAY 7:30AM: Another gameday is here!