What’s in a day: Mohamed Al-Taay

Newcastle Jets’ all-action midfielder Mohamed Al-Taay runs us through what a day in his life looks like.

What do you do before you come into training?

“I wake up around 7am, I have breakfast, wash up and then pray. I usually have a coffee before heading off to training in the morning to kick start the day.”

What’s your pre-training routine?

“I usually go in and say hello to all the boys, and see who’s in the physio room before doing my prehab. I like to have a laugh and crack a few jokes. It’s good to catch-up with the boys before training starts.”

What’s on your playlist on the way to training?

“I mostly like to play D-Block Europe who are a British rap group, I also like 50 Cent. I usually listen to hype up music before training. That get’s me going.”  

What is your favourite drill in training?

“My favourite drill is probably the cage games, either five v five’s or seven v seven’s. Those are really fun so I would say that.” 

Who catches your eye on the training field?

“Probably both Reno and Gus, they are freaks on the training field and are really good players. I could name a few more but those are the two that definitely standout.”

What’s your favourite post-training meal?

“Normally I will have leftovers from the night before, sometimes I like to make a wrap too. I normally cook for my cousin and myself, it’s usually Arabic food, or sometimes some pasta.” 

Away from the training field, what do you like to do in Newcastle?

‘I like to play Call of Duty with my friends in my downtime and go out for coffee with the boys too. My go-to coffee shop is probably Neighbours on Market St.”