What’s in a day: Cannon Clough

All-action American defender Cannon Clough runs us through what a day in her life looks like.

What do you do before you come into training?

I’ll usually wake up and have a coffee and then jump straight into work. I work for a company called ‘Aussie Athletes Agency’ where I educate families of student-athletes on the college pathway in the US. Sometimes I’ll have gym during the day so I’ll go to UBF and even sit there on my laptop working while in a compression boot. I’ll try to get to the shops sometimes and do any shopping that needs to get done.

What’s your pre-training routine?

I like to have a coffee before training. I live with Taren King, Lucy Johnson, and Georgina Worth. I like to chill out with Taren’s dog who I love and I’m usually on the foam rolling. I’ll watch tv, and put on some David Attenborough to keep the dog entertained. At the moment we’ve been watching ‘Australia’s Ocean Odyssey’.

What’s on your playlist on the way to training?

To be honest I’ll have a bit of everything on. It depends on what I’m feeling. Some days it will be Adele, heavy rap, or even the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. If there are others in the car it will usually be something upbeat.

What is your favourite drill in training?

Most people will say the cage drills but to be honest I like anything that’s competitive.

Who catches your eye on the training field?

Lauren Allan. I think she’s an absolute workhorse. She’s but she gets the job done and you know she’s got your back. I look up to her a lot.

What’s your favourite post-training meal?

I would have to say fish and vegetables. I’m a big fan of salmon.

Away from the training field, what do you like to do in Newcastle?

I recently just purchased a new surfboard. I’ll be in the ocean so when I do have spare time (there’s not much of it), I’ll be surfing, I love it!