Toughest pre-season in Hoffman’s 15-year career


Double training days, minimal breaks, high intensity work.

Welcome to the Newcastle Jets.

Pre-season is in full swing under Manager Arthur Papas and his coaching staff have hit the ground the running in implementing their changes.

Fitness and physicality has been a focus.

In fact, veteran Jason Hoffman admits this pre-season could be the toughest he’s ever experienced.

And the team has only been back training for two weeks.


With Papas clear in his expectations of this squad playing a high intensity brand of football, the players are being put through their paces every day.

“The style of football that we are going to implement means that we have to be extremely fit,” Hoffman said.

“Showing no weakness has been the constant message.”

As a senior figure within the squad, Hoffman intends to lead the way and be an example for the younger players in the team.

“The young guys are certainly fit and enthusiastic,” Hoffman said.

“Keep pressing the envelope, keep pushing the players and hopefully pass on some experience as well.”


This is Hoffman’s 15th pre-season and he considers it as one of the toughest he has faced.

“From day dot, the boss laid down his intent,” Hoffman said.

“We’ve noticed that from the moment you get here every day.

“When you turn off your car’s ignition from then on you know you’re going full pelt.”

Hoffman has played in a variety of roles throughout his career and he believes he can offer Papas multiple options though his versatility.

“Everyone knows I’m a versatile player and hopefully that’s a quality that the boss likes,” Hoffman said.

“I can contribute to the team in different positions and however the boss wants me to.”