The Jets showing heart with Dog Rescue Newcastle 

Dog Rescue Newcastle have more than 100 dogs in care, with new animals arriving every day. Including full litters of pups still feeding from their mum’s. 

Caring for them takes a network of co ordinators, foster cares, resources to find them their forever home and The Newcastle Jets want to do what they can to help. 

This Sunday at No 2 Sportsground as the women face off against closest rivals The Central Coast Mariners in the F3 Derby, The Jets squad will swap their regular mascots and walk onto the field with Puppies in need of new homes. 

The Jet have had some success with one of the Dog Rescue animals being adopted by a member after a family fun day and staff members signing up to be a foster carer.  If you can help please reach out to Dog Rescue Newcastle. 

Aside from the cuteness before the game there is more at stake than just the A League Competition points. Famously called the F3 Derby due to it being the original name of the motorway that joins Newcastle to the Central Coast, the rivalry has become one of the most recognised and famous in the A-League.  

With the Central Coast Mariners now returning to the Liberty A-League Women’s competition, it was the perfect time to create a trophy specifically for the A-League Women’s F3 Derby.

There is currently no holder of the A-League Women’s F3 Derby Trophy, with the winner of this season’s best of two series to become the inaugural holder, so Sunday’s game is the decider.

For this season only, if both team’s win one match, it will then be awarded to the team with the best goal difference. If both teams have scored an equal number of goals, it will go to an away goals rule. 

In the rare scenario that there is an equal aggregate of away goals and results at the end of the first two games the clubs will hold a penalty shootout that does not affect the A-League ladder.

The game at No 2 Sportsground, kicking off at 5pm this Sunday will be your chance to cheer on your team and meet some amazing dogs available for adoption. 

Game Day – January 28 @ No 2 Sportsground, Newcastle West.

Gates open – 4pm 

Kick off – 5pm 

Tickets available here  – Newcastle Jets FC Tickets | Soccer Tickets | Ticketmaster AU