The Technical Bench


Craig Deans discusses the week that was, the week that is as well as the good form of the Jets Youth team.

We had a good win on the weekend against Perth Glory, another solid performance from all the boys. The team really seems to be adapting to what Gary is teaching them in training which is always good to see.

Both Gary and I have been extremely impressed with their ability to translate such a different style of play from training to match day.

Having previously worked with some of the younger players in the team, I like to make them feel comfortable come game day and give them a little bit of a pep talk before they take the field.

My job is to try and clam their nerves, and help them understand their job before running on. Jacob Pepper played well against Glory on Saturday, his first few minutes on the field were hits to Perth Glory and he contributed well.

It-s been just over three weeks now since Gary joined us and everyone has been adjusting to the different playing styles. I-m sure we will continue to adjust for the next couple of weeks to come.

I am greatly enjoying working along side Gary and am very comfortable with him, hopefully that is translating onto the field. He has been encouraging and supportive of my feedback and input during training sessions. Obviously I leave all tactics and game plan up to him but he is full of knowledge and I-m trying to soak up as much as I can.

As the boys approach another away game they will do so with a new mind set. We are trying not to focus on our surroundings, but on our game.

Melbourne Heart are a good team and they do have the home crowd advantage but we are prepared for a tough match and we will approach the game like any other, with confidence and a strong work ethic.

I have predominantly been focusing on the A-League recently and haven-t had as much to do with the youth side as I had in previous weeks.

Having said that, I have still managed to stick my head in the door and note their incredible progress. They have two draws and a win in their first three games of the season which has them in third place.

The youth side this year is enormously competitive. They are all working 100% and more to try and impress Gary. Unfortunately Gary hasn-t yet had enough time to have decent look at them play but during the next few weeks I-m sure it will be on his agenda.

Overall, both teams are sitting well this early in the season and I am very impressed with the quality of play that is being presented this early on.

I don-t want to get too ahead of myself, but if we keep playing and improving like we have been the last couple of weeks the Newcastle Jets 2011/12 season will be one to write about.

Craig Deans