Q&A from Arthur Papas’ first press conference


Here are Arthur Papas’ answers to some of the key questions which were thrown his way during his first online press conference.

Q) After years of being linked with a return to Australia and the A-League, why is now the right time to join the Jets?

A) I’ve always had a special relationship with Newcastle, and I’ve had the ambition to come back once I felt I had the experience. I was in Asia with Ange Postecoglou and we were able to reach a really high level and I learnt a lot of things along the way. The city here, the people it’s just a really good place to be and I’ve always been in contact with people from the area and moving to Newcastle is something that I’m looking forward to and also to start this journey.

Q) What is your objective for the upcoming season?

A) Our objective is to improve and to make sure that we maintain a certain level. We need to bring our process to life and build something from there. It won’t be easy, but we need to be ambitious and fundamentally strive to be at a high level to achieve success.

Q) What changes need to be made in order to make this club successful again?

A) We can’t rush anything. We have to make sure that we are doing things the right way and following a process that can get results. I’ll have to look at the people I’m working with and the facilities and look at ways to get to where we want to be.

Q) What type of players are you looking for?

A) Bringing in players is important, and we need to sign players that will benefit the team, but we also need to have a clearer identity. I need to believe and back myself and always think we can achieve great things. We all need to work together and it will take time but we need to do things as a whole so that we can reach the higher levels in the A-League.

Q) How will you take on the challenge of becoming manager of the Jets?

A) We must have belief and do things with conviction. I’ve always had self-belief and by working with Ange through tough times, I know what it takes to achieve. We have to have a tough mentality and be ready for the tests ahead. I’ll embrace the challenge and will give my all to try to get back to where we need to be.

Q) Are you looking to bring in overseas players?

A) It is a possibility. There are certain things that make that difficult like 14 days of quarantine which is tough by the way, but our objective is to bring in players which match the characteristics that we’re looking for and that will improve our position as a team. 

Q) How important is stability for the club going forward in your opinion?

A) As an organisation, we need to have stability. The Club has been through a lot recently, but I still think we are still very fortunate to be where we are. You know we get paid to do what we love, and we get to be in football. I feel for the fans especially because they are so loyal to this Club and they come to back the team consistently, even when things were tough. It’s up to us the coaches, the players, the Club and the fans to all connect and stay together no matter what. We have to repay that faith that they’ve put in us and give them something to celebrate. Once the fans see we are performing and moving in the right direction, the fans will get behind us and it will be very exciting for everyone.