To our 10k – thank you!


Jobe Wheelhouse thanks the Jets’ 10,000 Members for their support.

As the Jets were in transit to Wellington, the playing group received the good news the Jets Membership campaign had hit it-s target.

“We were on the bus and word got around the boys pretty quickly that we had reached 10,000 Members,” captain Jobe Wheelhouse said.

“That is an incredible effort and it is great to know we have such great support.

“Thank you to all our Members for signing up and we look forward to sharing the season with you.”

Since first launching the 2011/12 Membership campaign, the Jets have been thrilled with the response from the community in making Membership a priority.

“We have been delighted with the success of our Membership campaign,” CEO Robbie Middleby said.

“To have the second highest Membership count across the A-League is a huge achievement for our Club.

“Thank you to everyone who has gotten behind the team by purchasing a Membership package.”

People still wanting to secure a Jets Membership should not worry as Membership packages are still available with access to the remaining 12 home games. For further information, CLICK HERE.