O’Donovan podcast: Life, leadership & move to Aus


Newcastle Jets striker Roy O’Donovan joined the ‘Having A Chat’ podcast this week to discuss a host of topics.

They spoke about the facilities at the Club, eating healthy and what happens when you’re in ‘fat club’: “It involves a lot of running.

“It’s not nice but it gets the body fit and ready for the new season.”

Being a sounding board for the younger players: “It’s been a difficult 12-18 months.”

His career abroad; “I wanted to be recognised as a striker…

“I had a nomadic two-year period.”

He also reflects on being loaned as a player, how his move to Australia came about, managing his body as he ages and his goals as a player.

“I like to lead by example,” he said.

“I’m usually very positive to my teammates because I want the best reaction from them.

“I’m negative with the opposition because for that 90 minutes, we’re going to war.”

You can listen to the chat by clicking here!