NYL Profile: Umut Tokdogan

Get to know the stars of the future

Name: Umut Tokdogan
Date of Birth: 8/1/1990
Birthplace: Sydney, NSW
Star Sign: Capricorn
Where did you grow up? Merrylands

What school did you go to? Berala Public, Westfields Sports High
Do you have a TAFE or University qualification? Yes, Cert III & IV in Fitness
Who is your favourite football player (past or present)? Dennis Bergkamp and Lionel Messi
What is your favourite overseas club? FC Barcelona
Which Australian football player do you respect most? Tim Cahill
What has been your most emotional football moment? Winning and losing Grand Finals
What is the best thing about playing in the National Youth League? Travelling and playing in the stadiums
Who has been your most influential person to date? My parents and brother

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A fireman
What is your favourite colour? Red
What is your favourite TV show? Family Guy
What is your favourite movie? Man on Fire
What is your favourite book? The Iceman: Richard Kuklinski
What is your favourite band? Jackson 5
Who is your favourite individual music artist? Michael Jackson
What is your favourite food? Dad-s cooking
What is your favourite holiday destination? Why? Port Macquarie. It-s relaxing.