NYL Profile: Scott Balderson

Get to know the stars of the future.

Name: Scott Balderson
Date of Birth: 18/12/1989
Birthplace: Sydney, NSW
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Where did you grow up? Northern Beaches, Sydney

What school did you go to? Oxford Falls Grammar, Northern Beaches Christian, Narrabean Sports High
Do you have a TAFE or University qualification? BTEC National Diploma in Sports Performance & Excellence
Did you play any other sport growing up? Cricket, tennis
Who is your favourite football player? David Beckham
What is your favourite overseas club? Manchester United
Which Australian football player do you respect most? Mark Schwarzer
What has been your most emotional football moment? Playing for the Australian U/20-s
What is the best thing about playing in the National Youth League? If playing well, getting the opportunity to play A-League for the first team.
Who has been your most influential person to date? Dad

What is your favourite colour? Blue
What is your favourite TV show? Friends
What is your favourite movie? Too many favourites!
What is your favourite band? Paramore
Who is your favourite individual music artist? Kasey Chambers
What is your favourite food? All of my mum-s cooking
What is your favourite drink? Ribena
What is your favourite holiday destination? England and Europe in the summer because I lived there for 2 ½ years.
What is your lucky number? Why? 7, because Beckham had it at United when I was growing up
Do you have any superstitions? Never put my football boots on a table because it-s unlucky