NEWS: Newcastle Jets congratulate Ledman Optoelectronic Co. Ltd


Newcastle Jets wish to extend its congratulations to the club’s Chairman and owner, Mr Martin Lee, as well as all Ledman Optoelectronic Co. Ltd employees who are today celebrating their company’s 12th anniversary.

Ledman Group was founded by Martin Lee and his mother Ms. Wang Lishan in 1993, and has 23 years of history.

However Ledman Optoelectronic Co. Ltd – which is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the code 300162 – was founded on July 21, 2004.

Since 2004 Ledman Group has made many achievements, including:

  • Listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 2011
  • Forming alliances with the China Football Association and Chinese Super League
  • Becoming a significant shareholder of Swiss-based Infront Sports and Media
  • Becoming the official title sponsor of the Portuguese Segunda Liga (Ledman Ligapro)
  • Owning a professional Chinese football club – Shenzhen Renren from China League Two
  • Owning a professional Australian football club – Newcastle Jets from Hyundai A-League