NEWS: Miller keen to get to work with ‘Luc’


New Newcastle Jets Senior Assistant Coach Luciano Trani arrived in town from Melbourne this week, and Head Coach Scott Miller says he’s happy to have the latest member of the club’s coaching staff on board.

Speaking with local reporters at Andrew Hoole’s recruitment press opportunity on Tuesday, Miller outlined that it was important for him and the club to have hired a person of Trani’s calibre to help the Jets achieve its goals this campaign.

“’Luc’ [Luciano Trani] is going to be a great addition to the club,” Miller said. “I am looking forward to having new eyes on the squad, new influence and new mentality.”

“I would like to thank Jean-Paul [de Marigny] for his efforts. He was an outstanding contributor to the squad and a very good person for the playing group and myself. [But] things change and he has moved back to Melbourne Victory.”

“When it eventuated [with de Marigny leaving] I didn’t think about bringing anyone over from Europe at all because I am new to the A-League.”

“I have only been here 12 months, so having an assistant as an Australian is a massive benefit and I wouldn’t have gone any other way.”

“Luc is going to be a great addition to the coaching staff.”

The Jets will converge on Ray Watt Oval on Monday 27 June for the commencement of the club’s 2016 pre-season.

While Trani will be a new fresh among the coaching staff, the playing group will welcome several new people into their group, too.

Wayne Brown, Devante Clut, Daniel Alessi and the returning Andrew Hoole will all join the squad as the Jets start their journey towards Hyundai A-League season 12.

“I am looking forward to it [pre-season] actually,” Miller said. “I need to go and get my kit sorted. Hopefully it all fits and BLK have looked after us.”