NEWS: Greater support for Newcastle Jets


Leading Hunter business and the club’s Major Community Partner, the Greater Building Society, is urging the business community to get behind the rebuilding of the Newcastle Jets by becoming Members.

The executive of the Greater Building Society have all signed up to become Members, and the financial institution is providing Jets Membership incentives for their staff too.

The Greater’s leadership team were thanked for their Membership and corporate support by Jets players at a presentation at The Greater’s Hamilton headquarters last week.

Indeed, players Mitch Cooper, Lachlan Jackson and Andy Brennan visited The Greater’s Chief Executive Officer Scott Morgan, Deputy CEO Greg Taylor, and Executive Bruce White in Hamilton.

Morgan said there are benefits for local business from getting behind the Jets.

“As a customer owned baking organisation we’re about supporting customers and community and a strong, successful local football team is good for our community,” Mr Morgan said.

“Helping the Jets to be more accessible to the community and to build its Membership base is good for The Greater and we hope it also inspires boys and girls to be active or to perform at the highest level in their chosen field,” he said.

Newcastle Jets now have over 7,000 Members ahead of the Hyundai A-League 2015/16 season.

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