Newcastle Jets Statement

In relation to the Newcastle Jets’ Liberty A-League Women game on Sunday, the Jets’ confirm that a complaint has been made in relation to an alleged racial slur being made by a member of the public directed at a Jets’ player. This occurred during the match.

The Newcastle Jets are a family club, built on hard work and togetherness. We are a club that welcomes everyone no matter your faith, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender. Our diversity is our strength. Everyone has a place in our Club and in Football, and any fan or player jeopardising that sense of belonging is not welcome.   

Racial abuse is something that is not part of the game and is something this Club will not tolerate.

The host team for this match, Melbourne City FC has also responded strongly to support this process.

The matter has been reported to Football Australia as the regulator of the A-Leagues who have commenced an independent investigation into the alleged incident.

The Newcastle Jets are unable to make any further comment at this time while this investigation takes place.