MEMBER PROFILE: Todd Blackwell


In the second of a five-part series, we get to know one of our most passionate Members, Todd Blackwell.

You’ll find Jets Member Todd Blackwell at most training sessions, every home game or running his Jets supporter page ‘A Nobody from Newy’. Todd sat down with Madeline Riley to talk about being a Member of the club.

Why do you choose to be a Member?
It’s about being part of a team. Being a Member means that you’re a part of this.

What type of Membership do you have?
Silver. It’s for the whole family. I’ve got two young adults, a daughter and a son, and my wife.

What’s the best thing about being a Member?
The benefits. We weren’t [Members] for a lot of years and you’re not part of it, you’re not part of it unless you’re a Member.

How did you first get involved in football?
I had to find a link to my kids. They got into football when the World Cup qualifiers were on in 2005 so that’s my link to my kids. My daughter comes with me to nearly every game that we go to.


What drives you to come to Jets training sessions?
I’ve got a lot of time on my hands. As far as flying to Perth to watch a game, I can’t do it. So what I do the week before Perth is come over here and watch two sessions and that’s my support level for the week. If I can’t drive, I can’t get there so the weeks that we’re playing away and flying I come over here and put my sign up on the fence and sit here and that’s my support for the team.

Where does your passion for the players and ex-players come from?
I got to know a couple of blokes who have since moved on. I follow them around and still go and watch Tarek Elrich play when Adelaide play in Newcastle or close. I spend a fair bit of time down the Coast just supporting football in general. If Adelaide play the Coast, I’ll go down and watch that game, watch Tarek and Craig Goodwin. I follow a lot of the ex-players as well. I try to get a message in every week, wishing them good luck for wherever they’re playing.

You follow the youth team quite closely, tell us about that…
As a Jets Member I reckon that’s something that lacking – support for the young blokes. You go to the games and there’s parents and friends there and that’s about it. There’s no squadron type thing. A lot of my social media is aimed at them at this stage to try and get them a bit more exposure. Off-season they play as well so it’s something else to do.

Whats the main reason for your ‘Nobody from Newy’ page?
It’s to support and promote the game locally and try and keep an identity out of it. It’s about the team and making the team better.

Are you excited for the season to start?
Yeah. We’ve got a fantastic squad and there’s a lot of blokes here that could take the Hyundai A-League apart. The drive is there – just step-up and take it! The stability that Martin Lee and the Ledman Group has provided off field is now translating to higher intensity on the paddock. It’s a fantastic time to be a Member. It’s Newy the way!

Get behind the Jets as a Member like Todd Blackwell! Visit membership.newcastlejets.com.au to view your Membership options ahead of the Hyundai A-League 2016/17 season, or call (02) 4088 8004 to speak to a representative from our friendly team!