MEMBER PROFILE: Maria Griffiths


In the first of a five-part series, we get to know one of our most passionate Members, Maria Griffiths.

Self-proclaimed ‘Granny Jet’ and loyal member, Maria Griffiths, has been with the Jets since the beginning. She sat down with Madeline Riley to talk about what makes being a Newcastle Jets Member so special.

Why did you choose to become a Newcastle Jets Member?
“I haven’t been a Member for that long but the reason I was keen to is because it made me want to become part of the club itself. I went to every game and I followed it pretty closely but I just wanted to be part of it. When you become a Member you feel like you’re contributing towards the club itself. It’s a show of support for the club, the players and everything else around it, plus it’s cheaper. Overall it’s good value to be a Member, but that’s the second part. I save up every year to be able to stay a Member. It’s like a luxury for me, and a worthwhile one I think.”

What type of Membership do you have?
“I’m a Gold Member. That’s why I save up. It’s a little bit dearer but it’s worth it because you get good seats.”

What do you think is the best thing about being a Member?
“It’s Newcastle, it’s our team and our colours and I love to be involved. Put it this way, I’m the one that’s got the voice. I sit there and scream my head off. I think you need people there who will be the voice because I reckon players appreciate it if there is some noise. It’s just good to be a part of it all, it’s good to know that you’ve got your seat every game and you can just get caught up in it all. I just really, really like it. It’s hard to explain a dedication to something, but it’s Newcastle, it’s my team, they’re my boys, my club.”

Maria Griffiths

You’re also a part of the club’s Member’s Sub-Committee. Tell us about that…
“I really enjoy that. I’m the oldest one there. We’re all one and we all have an equal voice. There needs to be a perspective from all corners of the community. Everyone has their own idea on what might or might not work as far as the club is concerned and your different demographic plays towards that. What one person thinks is important is trivial towards someone else and that’s basically what I think each person’s role is in the committee is.”

Do you think you have a soft spot for the players?
“I’m the grandma, absolutely! If I had a boarding house, I’d put up the new players when they come to Newcastle. I’d put them up, look after them and feed them little cakes and all that sort of thing. They’re wonderful, wonderful boys. People who don’t follow the game that closely say to me why do you keep going and I say look it’s not really about the win, it’s about the people who put their time and energy and hard work and reputation and everything out there for me as a supporter. I know that they try their best so I never ever bag them, ever. They’re my boys no matter what happens!”

Are you excited for the season to start?
“Absolutely, I can’t wait. This new ownership and the direction that it may well take, I think it will be like a new beginning for the entire club. If the supporters get behind it, it’s going to be really excellent. That’s what we need, we need people to get their backsides into seats and make noise, I think that will be wonderful!”

Get behind the Jets as a Member like Maria Griffiths! Visit membership.newcastlejets.com.au to view your Membership options ahead of the Hyundai A-League 2016/17 season, or call (02) 4088 8004 to speak to a representative from our friendly team!