Sydney FC down gutsy Jets in Westfield W-League

W League

Welcome to the Newcastle Jets Westfield W-League live blog.

The Jets face Sydney FC at Cromer Park on Sunday.

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SCORE: Sydney FC 2 – Newcastle 0

CROWD: 1,329

Fulltime: 2-0 to Sydney

90+’ House turns the ball back for Pollicina inside the box but she sprays it over the top.

90′ +4 min extra time

84′ Substitution: Bass off for O’Brien and Andrews off for Petratos

82′ Sydney substitution: Ibini off for Hristodoulou

81′ House goes one-on-one with the keeper but Sydney produces a great save.

78′ Simon with a cross for Andrews but she couldn’t put it away. She copped a boot to the arm in the process.

76′ Sydney substitution Wheeler off for Ray

71′ Substitution: Franco off for House.


70′ Brewer with some wonderful clean up work on Ibini at the back.

68′ Substitution from Sydney: Allira Toby replaces Mackenzie Hawkesby and Rachel Lowe replaces Cortnee Vine.

66′ Franco receives a yellow for a late challenge.

64′ Tamplin gets a yellow for kicking the ball away in frustration.

63′ Jets trail 2-0.

60′ Coelho left her box to shut down the attack but that decision proved costly with Sydney FC gaining back possession and finding the back of the net courtesy of Siemsen.

59′ Substitution: Allan off and Harding on

57′ Davis takes the legs of Ibini and cops a yellow for her troubles.

51′ King has copped a yellow for an arms tackle while jostling for possession. 

47‘ Franco makes a great run down the right wing but the Jets can’t convert their chance.


45‘ Sydney will kick things off in the second half.


45 +1′ Sydney FC have certainly finished the half stronger than they started but our Jets are fighting hard. Big second half coming up!

31′ Sydney FC sneak one past the keeper from long range and it’s off the boot of Vine. Sydney 1-0.


28′ Brewer doing a wonderful job at the back. Sydney on the attack but Brewer kept composed and defused the situation. 

26′ End to end football. The game is opening up now.

16′ Jets looked comfortable for the opening 13 minutes but have lost some composure following an attacking raid from Sydney. 

13′ Sydney with a long shot via Green and Coelho produces the save. Sydney corner finds the head of an attacker but the ball sails over the crossbar. 

6′ Simon and Allan link for a chance but the shot is off target for the Jets.

2′ Allan with a shot but pushes it wide. Some lovely lead-up work from Pollicina.

0′ Andrews has a shot on goal early to get the nerves out in her 100th game.

6.05pm: The game is under way. We are kicking off.

5.25pm: Both teams are out warming up.

5pm: The team list is in.



4.40pm: We have arrived and we are ready!


1.45pm: The team is on the bus bound for Cromer Park.

10.40am: On Saturday, coach Ash Wilson spoke ahead of the clash with Sydney FC. Here’s what she had to say!




Sydney FC squad: 1.Jada WHYMAN (gk), 2.Teresa POLIAS (c), 3.Charlotte McLEAN, 5.Ally GREEN, 6.Clare WHEELER, 7.Ellie BRUSH, 8.Rachel LOWE, 9.Allira TOBY, 10.Remy SIEMSEN, 11.Cortnee VINE,12.Natalie TOBIN, 15.Mackenzie HAWKESBY, 17.Angelique HRISTODOULOU, 18.Taylor RAY, 19.Charlie RULE, 20.Princess IBINI, 30.Katie OFFER (gk)

*1 to be omitted*

Ins: 19.Charlie RULE (promoted)

Newcastle Jets squad: 2.Hanna BREWER, 3.Jemma HOUSE, 4.Chloe O’BRIEN, 5.Alisha BASS, 6.Cassidy DAVIS, 7.Gema SIMON (c), 8.Evelyn CHRONIS, 9.Tara ANDREWS, 10.Pana PETRATOS, 11.Rhianna POLLICINA, 12.Tessa TAMPLIN, 13.Laura ALLAN, 14.Tiana JABER, 15.Sophie HARDING, 16.Sunny FRANCO, 18.Taren KING, 20.Claire COELHO (gk), 30.Nicole SIMONSEN (gk)

*2 to be omitted*

Ins: 4.Chloe O’BRIEN (returns from injury), 8.Evelyn CHRONIS (promoted)