City scrap to hold off our W-League Jets


Welcome to the Newcastle Jets Westfield W-League live blog.

The Jets play visitor to Melbourne City on Sunday from 4.05pm at Kingston Heath.

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SCORE 1 City – 0 Jets


90′ Three minutes extra time 

86′ CHANCE Andrews with a header via a Simon cross but it doesn’t have enough power. Chance goes begging for the Jets.

83′ City on the attack. Brewer gets the ball out of player. Corner kick. It comes in back post but Jets do well to get rid of it and go on the counter. Harding earns a corner. 

80′ SUB Jaber on for O’Brien

78′ FOUL Davis taken late. Picks up the free kick, essentially in the City corner. We are lined up at the 18 yard box. Simon’s cross is swiped away and City survive. 

75 CARD Davidson gets a yellow for a late challenge on Franco

74 SHOT Chidiac with a shot from a free kick but it goes zipping over the posts.

STAT In the past 10 minutes, the Jets have had 79% of possession. 

69′ SUB McCormick off and Johnson on.

66′ CARD Kira gets a yellow for a dangerous challenge on Simon


61′ SUB Harding on for Allan

60′ SAVE Coelho makes a great save. Kira with a shot on goal and Coelho quick to react for a corner. 

58′ SHOT Pollicina sends one wide. Awkward angle and had too much on it.

54′ SAVE Coelho makes two saves back to back. Dobson kicks it straight at the keeper. City chance goes begging.

52′ CARD Davis gets a yellow for a foul

51′ SAVE Chidiac with a shot. Jets swarming in to shut her down and Coelho makes the save.


47′ OFFSIDE Brewer goes on a great run, looks for Franco but Sunny is offside.

45′ City get the second half under way. 


45′ Three minutes extra time added

42′ GOAL Kira has scored her first goal for City. Back heels it into the net via a cross.

39′ SHOT Davis wins the ball, sends it out to the wing of Tamplin. Tessa with the cross but no one is there.

35′ Nice passage of play sparked by Simon. Pollicina has a crack from long range but goes straight to the keeper.

32′ FREE KICK Franco is fouled. We waste little time continuing our attack and then waste the opportunity with a nothing kick to the keeper.

31′ Brewer finds Allan on the wing. She crosses into the box but the City keeper is there.


25′ INJURY McCormick down with a knee injury.

23SHOT Andrews with a shot after a lovely pass from Allan. McCormick gets the deflection. She makes the save in the box. 


20′ FREE KICK Pollicina takes a hit to the back. Our free kick 25m from City goal. Simon bends it in. Andrews appeals for a push but the official says no. Goal kick City.

17′ FREE KICK Andrews taken off the ball at halfway. We’ll take the free kick and keep pressing. 


13′ City corner after a mix-up at the back but Kira can’t hook it in near post. Goal kick.

9′ Brewer with another huge defensive effort. Chidiac putting pressure on our backs. Corner kick but we clear it away.

7′ OFFSIDE Lovely cross from Allan. Finds the head of a Jet but the official says we are offside. 

5′ CORNER City earn a corner off Brewer. Corner kick comes in and McCormack with the header but pushes it wide. Chance goes begging for City.

1′ We kick off. On the attack we go. We’ve spent a bit of time in the opposition half but it’s a scrappy start to the match.


4pm: We have finished our warm-up. Not long until kick-off now.

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