Roar put Jets to sword in final game for W-League season


Welcome to the Newcastle Jets Westfield W-League live blog.

The Jets travel to Brisbane in what will be their final match for the 2020/21 season.

The game kicks off at Lions FC Stadium at 6.05pm.

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FULLTIME: With that, our season is over.

 Polkinghorne and Gielnik off and Margraf and Crummer on.

93′ Dalton with a strike from distance and she finds the crossbar.

90′ Four minutes extra time

90′ Simon with a great tackle on Dalton at the top of the box. Needed to be made or she was one on one with the keeper.

85 SUB Harding on for Andrews

85′ SUB Hecher comes off and Horsey comes on


81 GOAL Corner kick finds Polkinghorne, bounces up for Hecher and she slips it past the keeper.

80′ Tamplin with a shot from long range after a nice one-two with Andrews.


77′ SUB House comes on for House

77′ SHOT Tamplin crosses in for Allan. It finds the head but not on target. 

76′ FOUL Dalton with a late tackle on Pollicina.

75′ CHANCE Tamplin again. Very creative. Petratos gets a shot away but Worth is there to make the save for Roar.

73′ CHANCE Tamplin with a long ball, goes looking for Andrews but she can’t get hold of it. Great cross into the box.


67′ CHANCE Allan with a header via a Pollicina cross but it finds the wood work. So close.

65′ Rankin beats three Jets, showcasing her skills. Has a crack from long range. It has the range but is too high.

63′ SUB Bass on for O’Brien 

62′ Corner from Petratos looks for Andrews, Roar clear it. Davis has a touch, as does Pollicina but after some pinball in the box, Roar go on the attack. 

60′ A couple of chances for Roar. One finds the crossbar. The other is shut down by Coelho. Dangerous couple of minutes.

57′ FOUL Simon with some heavy contact deep in Roar’s half. 

56′ Allan calling for the ball. Franco’s cross has too much on it, once again. 

51′ Great run down the left wing from Franco. Andrews screaming for it but the cross has too much pepper. Opportunity slips away.

SUB Jaber off for Petratos.

47′ Hecher from the corner, finds the head of Gielnik and she puts it past Coelho. Roar extend the lead.

46′ Roar restart play and go on the attack


HT Jets down 1-0

45′ One minute extra time added.

40′ GOAL Roar corner from Hecher. Coelho punches it away. Ball finds the Roar. Gielnik with the header and again Coelho gets a glove to it but Torpie is there and slots the ball into the net.

37′ CHANCE Pollicina sends the corner kick in. Franco with the header but Roar keeper Worth is there to make the save.


33′ King does a job defensively on Gielnik. Corner kick. Jets defend the corner with Coelho pouncing on the ball.

30′ CHANCE Pollicina with a run, turns the ball across the face of goal looking for Franco but she struggled to get there and the shot drags wide.

28′ CHANCE Hecher turns it in for Yallop. She finds the woodwork. Jets hold on.

25′ Tamplin with the throw-in. Finds Davis, plays it back to Tamplin and Worth is there to claim the ball for Roar.


20′ Roar with plenty of ball in the Jets’ half but unable to convert their chances into goals.

17′ Allan and Franco link up but Torpie interveins. 


16′ Hecher has a strike from far out and is wide of the mark.

14′ SAVE Coelho with a huge save. Dives to the right, stretches out and prevents Gielnik from scoring. Corner ball. Jets do well defending the corner. 

11′ FOUL AND CARD Jaber with a big push in the back on Hecher at the edge of the Jets box. She is given a yellow for the shot.

9’SAVE Great cross from Roar finds Gielnik on the head but Coelho makes the save.

7′ FREE KICK Torpey fouled inside her half. 

6′ Andrews delivers to Pollicina. She looks for the cross but finds the back of a defender. Corner kick. It’s played short. Pin-ball in the box but Worth has the ball for Roar. Shaky moment for the Roar.

4′ SAVE Coelho makes the save with Hecher having a shot from the edge of the box.

3′ A lot of energy from this Jets side. Aggressive without the ball. Already a shot on goal. Cassidy Davis breaks the record for consecutive W-League games played. This is her 97th match.

1′ SHOT Andrews with a nice strike as she was slipping over but Roar keeper, Worth makes the save.

0′ Jets kick things off in Brisbane

How the opposition line-up.


Here’s how we line-up.