Pollicina and Franco shine as Jets run riot in Perth


Welcome to the Newcastle Jets Westfield W-League live blog.

The Jets host Perth Glory on Friday from 9.35pm at Dorrien Gardens.

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FT We keep a clean sheet, score four and take home three points.

90′ Three minutes extra time added.

87′ Jets corner is deep. Misses the head of Brewer. She follows up with a strong challenge on De La Harpe. Glory throw-in from deep in their territory. 

82′ GOAL Allan has her third goal of the season, sneaking one past the keeper with a soft touch. Brilliant work. Harding with the assist. We lead 4-0.

81 SHOT On the counter attack, Harding pushes her shot across the face of the goal.

79′ SHOT De La Harpe has a shot from mid-field, it’s a chip, bounces awkwardly for Coelho but she makes the save.

76′ SUB Franco comes off and Bass goes on

73′ Jaber with some heavy contact on Rigby in defence. Glory receive a free kick. A lobbing kick and Coelho is there for the save.

72′ SUB: Pollicina off for Petratos

71′ Davis launches the ball up field, clearing away the danger.

70′ SHOT Harding pushes a shot wide of the post

65′ SUB Morgan on for Tabain

65′ SUB: Harding on for Andrews

60′ CHANCE Allan from the corner, launches a long ball. She finds Andrews who has a shot but it is saved.


57′ SUB: Moreno off for Charalambous.

55′ SHOT Hana Lowry misses with a left footed shot from outside the box.

52′ SAVE Rhianna Pollicina (Newcastle Jets) right footed shot from more than 35 yards is saved in the centre of the goal.

50′ STOPPAGE Brewer cops a knock on the nose and play is stopped.


47′ GOAL Franco has another. A mistake at the back by Glory and Franco capitalises with a header. 

45′ The second half resumes


HT’ We lead 2-0.

43′ SAVE Pollicina delivers a lovely ball for Andrews but the keeper saves the shot.

42′ FOUL Natasha Rigby from Glory wins a free kick in the defensive half.

36′ GOAL Franco with a run, gets to the top of the box and drills it to the bottom left corner and scores the third goal of her career. The assist coming via Pollicina.

28′ GOAL Pollicina with a cracking shot inside the box, finds the back of the net. We lead 1-0.

27′ CORNER Pollicina with a deep cross, finds the head of Andrews but Glory have it through their keeper.


23′ SHOT Allan wins the throw-in. Tamplin finds Andrews and she wins a corner. Pollicina fires the ball in. Davis has drilled this one. It hit the cross bar. Jets are claiming it but the referee says no. Oh man, that was close. It was a cracking strike from Cassidy. It hit the crossbar twice.

21′ SHOT Long range attempt from Davis but it has too much on it and sails over the crossbar. 

20′ OFFSIDE Perth’s Alexia Moreno tries a through ball, but Deborah De La Harpe is caught offside.

19′ SHOT Andrews fires a ball to Franco. She’s one on one with the keeper but kicks it straight at her. 

16′ Lowry puts a ball through for Doeglas. The angle is tight and she finds the side of the netting. Close call for the Jets.


15′ Brewer with two strong challenges and she wins both. Massive play to spark our attack. Now we have a corner.

12′ CHANCE Allan takes a lovely pass, goes one on one with the keeper. Has three shots and is denied. Now, Andrews with a shot and she is denied. 

11 CARD Elizabeth Anton (Perth Glory) is shown the yellow card.

10′ CHANCE Glory with a long ball, bounces for Baker but Jets clear the ball from the box and Pollicina is fouled and we have a penalty.

8′ SHOT  Tamplin with a long range shot and it is just wide. Nervous moment for the Glory keeper.

7′ SHOT Glory with a nice passage. Moreno has a shot from very long range but it is wide and lacking power.

4′ Glory with more possession early. Tamplin with a strong tackle. Allan with a lovely run up the right to counter the attack. Jaber has a crack from long range but it’s a bit of a nothing keep and bounces up for the keeper.

0′ Perth kick things off

9.30pm: Not long now. We have finished warming up and are ready to go.

8.40pm: How the opposition will line up.

8pm: Here’s how our girls will line-up.


7.30pm: Inside the sheds.



Perth Glory squad: 1.Lily ALFELD (gk), 2.Sarah CARROLL, 4.Natasha RIGBY (c), 5.Deborah-Anne DE LA HARPE, 6.Tijan MCKENNA, 7.Elizabeth ANTON, 8.Hana LOWRY, 9.Malia STEINMETZ, 10.Alexia MORENO, 11.Patricia CHARALAMBOUS, 12.Sarah MORGAN, 13.Jamie-Lee GALE, 14.Caitlin DOEGLAS, 17.Marianna TABAIN, 18.Taneesha BAKER, 20.Rebecca BENNETT (gk)

Ins: 11.Patricia CHARALAMBOUS (promoted), 12.Sarah MORGAN (promoted)

Outs: 16.Isabella WALLHEAD (omitted), 23.Katarina JUKIC (omitted)

Unavailable: 3.Gemma CRAINE (hamstring – season)

Newcastle Jets squad: 2.Hannah BREWER, 3.Jemma HOUSE, 4.Chloe O’BRIEN, 5.Alisha BASS, 6.Cassidy DAVIS (c), 8.Evelyn CHRONIS, 9.Tara ANDREWS, 10.Pana PETRATOS, 11.Rhianna POLLICINA, 12.Tessa TAMPLIN, 13.Lauren ALLAN, 14.Tiana JABER, 15.Sophie HARDING, 16.Sunny FRANCO, 18.Taren KING, 20.Claire COELHO (gk), 30.Nicole SIMONSEN (gk)  

**1 to be omitted**  

Ins: 14.Tiana JABER (promoted), 11.Rhianna POLLICINA  (returns from suspension)

Outs: 7.Gema SIMON (Concussion – 1-2 weeks)

Unavailable: Nil