Sydney FC second half double breaks Jets hearts


Welcome to our Match Day blog for Saturday’s clash between Newcastle Jets and Sydney FC at Netsrata Jubilee Stadium.

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Kick-off is from 5.05pm.

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90′ Four minutes extra time

89′ FREE KICK Yengi grabs the shirt of Bobo.

84′ SUB Thurgate off for Krasniqi

81′ Lobbing kick to Wood who goes on a run. Beats Thurgate and Topor-Stanley but he pushes his shot wide. 

80′ GOAL From the corner, Wilkinson heads it to the ground, it bounces over the head of Duncan. Sydney FC lead 2-1.

79′ Wood on the attack. Topor-Stanley holds his position, preventing the cut-back. Corner kick for Sydney FC. Boogaard with the header. Brattan has it and now Topor-Stanley puts it out of play. Another corner kick.

77′ SUB O’Donovan off for Yengi.

76′ CHANCE AP sends it wide to Millar but the cross misses the mark. Yuel was wanting it, as was O’Donovan.

74′ FOUL O’Donovan with a nudge on McGowan. Brattan with the kick, but Koutroumbis gets a head to it.

73′ SUB Caceres off for Van Der Saag

70′ INJURY Caceres is grabbing at his knee

70′ SHOT Wood dances around Topor-Stanley. Has a crack from top of the box but finds the hands of Duncan.

67′ FREE KICK Yuel is fouled just passed halfway by Retre.

66′ SHOT O’Toole has a crack from 25m out and it sails wide.

64′ GOAL Ninkovic drills it to the corner. He cuts inside after accepting the ball from Wood. Scores are level 1-1.


62′ SUB: Yuel comes on for Prso.

60′ FREE KICK Duncan leaps high to take the ball and cops a whack from McGowan. Heavy contact.

59′ SHOT Caceres beats O’Toole and goes on a run. Wood has a shot on the right. It takes a deflection off Thurgate. Corner kick.

57′ FREE KICK Koutroubis fouls Bobo at halfway.

54′ SUBS: Sydney make three changes. Baumjohann off and Ninkovic on. Ivanovic off and Bobô on. Barbarouses off and Wood on.

52′ FOUL Thurgate with a shoulder on Baumjohann. He takes the free kick and Duncan punches the ball away.

50′ YELLOW Topor-Stanley get a yellow for tripping up Barbarouses outside the box. Sydney FC absolutely butcher the free kick. They send the ball into Cronulla, he hit it so hard.


47′ Duncan almost makes a meal at the back. No urgency clearing the ball but Koutroumbis saves the day with Barbarouses almost getting to the ball. Close call in the goal mouth.

45′ We kick off to start the second half


47′ CARD Retre gets a yellow for a foul on Prso

45′ CHANCE Caceres with a back-post delivery but it fails to find an attacker.

43′ INJURY Prso stays down after going in for a challenge. Looks like a leg issue.


38′ FREE KICK Thurgate fouled just over halfway. We launch the ball to Topor-Stanley. Finds his head but it’s an easy save for the Sydney keeper.

36′ Koutroumbis with another great job defensively. He denies Caceres.

35′ Jets feeding off the confidence of the Prso goal. 

Watch the goal from Prso:


30′ CORNER The ball finds the head of Topor-Stanley but the referee gives a free kick against him for hands in the back.


23′ FREE KICK Barbarouses fouled by AP. Brattan with the kick, finds the head of a Jet and we go on the counter attack. O’Donovan fouled and we have a free kick near halfway.

21′ GOAL: Prso capitalises on a mistake from the Sydney FC keeper. He kicks it straight to Prso and he nails it. We lead 1-0.

18′ FREE KICK Boogaard fouls Ivanovic just outside the box. Wall is set up to the left. Brattan low and hard with the shot but Duncan scoops it up.

16‘ Cross from O’Toole. Millar sends the ball back inside to Prso who gets his head to it but it’s an easy save for the keeper.

15′ FREE KICK: Koutroubis and Ivanovic jostle for the ball. Johnny wins it and has his legs taken from him.

14′ CHANCE: Loose defence from  the Jets. Grant finds Barbarouses but he pushed the shot wide.

13′ Poor clearance from Topor-Stanley. Finds the feet of Ivanovic. He has a shot but pulls it wide.


8′ SHOT AP and Luka link, ball goes to the left wing of Millar who has a shot but finds the keeper.

6′ SHOT Ugarkovic has a crack from 30m away but the keeper is there to make the save.

5′ Thurgate steals possession for the Jets, shutting down a Sydney FC attacking raid. Sydney looking the more comfortable of the teams early.

4′ SHOT Ivanovic beats Koutroumbis. Shot is on and goes wide of the posts. Sydney blow a chance there.

2′ INJURY Retre has an issue with his eye. The trainer is putting drops into his eye.

1′ Ugarkovic has given it away and Barbarouses has had a crack from long range but pushes it wide.

5.02pm: Both teams walk out onto the pitch at Kogarah. Good conditions this afternoon.

4.47pm: Finishing warm-up. Not long until kick-off.

How Sydney FC will take the field:

How we line up:


Team list: Duncan, Koutroumbis, Boogaard, Ugarkovic, O’Donovan, Millar, Prso, O’Toole, Thurgate, Stamatelopoulos, Topor-Stanley. Subs: Italiano, Krasniqi, Abbas, Yengi, Yuel, Jackson, Mauragis. 


3.37pm: Step inside the sheds