Jets and Glory finish Coffs Harbour clash with draw


Welcome to our Match Day blog for Tuesday’s clash between Newcastle Jets and Perth Glory at C.ex Coffs International Stadium.

If you can’t follow the match on television or online, track the action in our blog below.

Kick-off is from 7.05pm.

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93′ Millar with a crack from close range but sprays it wide.

90′ Four minutes of extra time

89′ SUB Abbas on for Najjarine

82′ SHOT Fornaroli with a shot from the top of the box, and again, it’s just a touch too high.

CROWD: 2,967

80′ Glory spending some time around the Jets area but we are defending well.

78′ SHOT Fornaroli has a crack from the top of the box but it’s a tad too high.

73′ Glory corner. It curls in but straight into the hands of Italiano.

70′ SUB Armiento off and Ikonomidis on.

70′ Prso whips the ball into the box but can’t find a teammate.

67′ GOAL O’Donovan takes the penalty and drills it into the net.

65′ PENALTY AP has his legs taken inside the box.

60′ GOAL Chianese with an immediate impact. Fornaroli looks for Keogh. He shifts the ball across the mouth and Chianese gets a foot to it.

59′ SUB Timmins off for Wilson and Bramwell off for Chianese.


57′ Glory corner but Italiano plucks it from the sky.

56′ Perth attacking. To the left wing. Topor-Stanley intercepts the cross with a header.

54′ Millar looking for the cross but Ota gets in the way. Corner kick.

49′ CARD Timmins with a foul on Prso. He’s shown the yellow.

48′ CHANCE Glory with a shot pushed to the right by Lachman.


45′ SUB Hoffman off and Yuel on. AP and Yuel have switched sides.

45′ Second half kicks off via Glory.


46′ Glory deep in the Jets half trying to string something together.

45′ Two minutes additional time 

42′ Hoffman is back up. Has had his groin checked out and he will play on.

40′ CARD Fornaroli fouls Hoffman and gets a yellow.

40′ SAVE Millar with a header from close range. Oh. Save. Glory hold on. 

38′ CARD Millar gets a yellow for whipping out Timmins.


37′ SHOT Prso with a shot at the top of the box but Reddy is right there to make the save.

36′ FOUL Ota fouls Hoffman. All in his back and Jason is down in pain. He’s grabbing his right shoulder. He’s up and will soldier on.

33′ FOUL Keogh fouled by Jackson deep in the Jets half.

32′ CHANCE Millar finds Hoffman. He delivers to Jackson who launches it to O’Toole. Whips it in for Najjarine. Oh no. O’Donovan has found the post. 

31′ Perth with plenty of possession over the past few minutes but no real threatening play.

26′ FOUL Hoffman studs up on Ota.

25′ Thurgate with a shot from outside the box, takes a deflection. O’Donovan tries to get a boot to it but just misses. Chance goes begging.

21′ SAVE Thurgate has a crack from outside the box and Reddy gets a glove to it. Corner kick.

20′ CHANCE Hoffman with a run. One on one with the keeper. Here come the back two. Hoffman beats the keeper with footwork but can’t nail the finish.

20′ Millar with a run down the right wing, crosses and finds the head of a defender.

18′ Millar with a lovely run, shot but Timmins makes the stop.

15′ FOUL AP pushed in the back. Free kick is taken by Najjarine. Ball hits the dot but finds a defender. 

12′ CHANCE Glory through Fornaroli from outside the box has a crack and it’s lovely. Italiano makes the save. Corner kick.

12′ CARD AP gets a yellow for a late tackle.

11′ CHANCE Lovely one-two from Millar and Hoffman. Hoffman crosses it back but the ball is deep and no one can get a decent header to it. AP gets a touch on the head but in the wrong direction.

10′ CHANCE O’Toole crosses looking for Hoffman, he heads the ball but finds a defender.

8′ MISTAKE An error from Topor-Stanley puts the Jets under pressure but he cleans up at the back with a clearance. Pressure off.

6′ CHANCE The cross into our 18-yard box is a lovely one but Bramwell can’t get a shot on goal.

5′ FOUL AP was taken late. Thurgate and Najjarine set up for the free kick and Najjarine’s shot sails over the goal. Way over the goal.

3′ FOUL O’Toole with a late challenge. Quick kick taken and Fornaroli with the juggle and shot but straight to Italiano.

2′ Millar with a great run down the right but cannot secure the corner.

1′ CHANCE Glory with an early shot on goal from Armiento but Duncan makes the save.

7.03pm: Boys are on the pitch and we will kick off.

7pm: The opposition team.

6pm: Team list is in and Hoffy returns to the starting XI.


5.30pm: Not long now.


5pm: Great night for it.


10am: This is the second A-League fixture played in Coffs Harbour. The first was in 2017 when the Jets beat Melbourne City 2-1.

8.30am: The sun is out in Coffs Harbour, the team is here and we are excited for tonight.

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