Gutsy Glory a man down but hold off Jets fightback


Welcome to our Match Day blog for Saturday’s clash between Newcastle Jets and Perth Glory at HBF Park.

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Kick-off is from 9.20pm

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94‘ Jets on the attack. Thurgate, finds Yuel. The cross is too heavy for Hoffman.

92′ O’Toole wins a corner. Krasniqi with the cross. Topor-Stanley on the head to Italiano. He heads it wide. Incredible.

91′ CARD Keogh is shown the yellow

90′ Five minutes added

89′ FOUL Thurgate on Castro.

88′ Jackson blocks the cross from Castro. Topr-Stanley sends us on the counter attack. Yuel toes it ahead looking for O’Donovan and Reddy puts his body on the line for the save.

85′ CHANCE Fornaroli from inside the box, spins, puts it on his right foot. Corner kick.

82′ SUB Hoffman on for Stamatelopoulos

81′ CHANCE  Millar chips it to Yuel but Lachman heads it away. Corner kick. 

78′ SAVE Fornaroli with an attempt. Italiano spills the ball and recovers well. Close call.

73′ CARD Reddy given a yellow for time wasting

72′ CHANCE O’Donovan with a shot from the top of the box. It goes wide.

70′ SUB Thurgate on for Najjarine

68′ CORNER Millar secures the corner. Ball swings in, cleared away by Reddy. Ugarkovic off the head, Topor-Stanley off the head and it’s at the foot of AP who sprays it. Chance goes begging. 


62′ CORNER Ugarkovic with the cross. Finds Yuel but he misses the mark. Glory goal-kick.

59′ SUB Prso off for Krasniqi

58′ GOAL Topor-Stanley crosses it in for O’Donovan. He tips it in off the side of the right boot. Great finish.

56′ SHOT Yuel looking for the back-post. Reddy makes the dive and save. AP has a crack as the ball pinballs around the goal-mouth. Glory survive.

54′ CHANCE Najjarine crosses to the back-post, AP on his heels finds his head but it sails over the goal.

52′ FOUL Millar with a late tackle inside his half. Ota crosses across the face of goal, looking for someone but no attackers are there.


50′ CARD  Malik fouls AP and cops the yellow

48′ Millar crosses looking for O’Donovan. Corner ball. Najjarine curls it. Reddy has it, spills it and regathers.

SUB:  Geria off for Rawlins. 

45′ Glory gets us under way.


46′ Ugarkovic with a floating cross, finds Topor-Stanley’s head but he can’t get it on goal. Now Castro giving us headaches. Bramwell loses the ball to Millar. He pumps the ball up the right wing.

45′ Three minutes added time

44′ CHANCE No luck going our way. AP finds the cross bar. 

42′ FREE KICK Castro fouled by Najjarine at halfway.

41′ SUB Ingham off for Wilson.

39′ Topor-Stanley with a great tackle on Castro. We go back on the attack. Ugarkovic crosses it into the box for O’Donovan but Reddy makes the save.


STAT We’ve had four shots on goal in the last seven minutes.

36′ Najjarine with the free kick but it takes a deflection. It found Ugarkovic. Goal kick.

34′ RED CARD Najjarine intercepts a pass and goes on the attack. Aspropotamitis takes him out at the top of the box and is given his marching orders. 

33′ Ugarkovic finds Yuel. Threatening and secures the corner for the Jets. Najjarine with the cross. Keeper gets a hand to it and pushes it away.

32′ Geria with a half chance but Ugarkovic is there to intercept the ball and clear it away.

31′ O’Toole curling cross. Finds the head of Yuel but it sails wide of the goal.


26′ CARD Prso is shown the yellow for a late tackle on Geria.

24′ GOAL Another corner. Kilkenny floats it in and finds Lachman. Goal – left corner via the header.

22′ Ugarkovic and AP doing well defensively. Corner kick to Glory. Castro causing plenty of headaches for us. Yuel takes the ball out of play. Another corner. Kilkenny floats it in and finds Lachman.

20′ SAVE Italiano bats one away from the top of the box. Great movement from the keeper.

20′ SAVE Italiano makes the save as Bramwell goes searching for another goal.

16′ GOAL Bramwell scores for Glory. Fornaroli cuts the ball in. Malik leaves it for Bramwell and he doesn’t miss. VAR checking offside. 

15′ Lobbing ball for Ingham from Geria. Topor-Stanley wins the challenge but concedes a corner. In-swinger and the Jets punt the ball away.

12′ CHANCE Ingham lets a chance go begging and now Bramwell jostling for the ball with Millar and Jets go on the counter attack and secure a corner through Yuel.

12′ SHOT O’Toole outside the box has a strike but it’s way off target.

11′ SHOT Ingham has a crack but pushes it wide. Saw Italiano off his line.

9′ Jets spending plenty of time deep in Glory territory. Millar delivers to the spot for AP but he misses the header. Glory survive.

6′ CARD Aspropotamitis shown the yellow for a tackle on O’Donovan at the top of the box. Najjarine with the free kick. O’Toole has a crack and sprays it wide. 

5′ OFFSIDE Yuel launches the ball for O’Donovan to go on the counter attack. Drills the ball past the keeper.

4′ Bramwell fouled by Miller. Perth happy to take their time and not push the attack. Back three taking their time before it is launched long to Bramwell. Glory at the top of the Jets box. Probing. Castro inside the box, looks for Bramwell but he has an air swing. 

3′ FOUL Prso gifts a free kick and Glory go on the attack. They’re inside the Jets half. Opportunity wasted with AP fouled now and Jets have the ball.

1′ Early corner to Glory.  AP defends it well and Yuel goes for a run but is shut down by the defence. 

0′  We kick off to start the half.

9.15pm: Not long now…


8.37pm: Ground looks in mint condition. 

8.10pm: Our team has been named.