Light at the end of tunnel for Jets


The Jets have braved the wet weather this week in preparation for Sunday’s game against Sydney FC.

The Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets have braved the wet and miserable weather this week, making sure they are in perfect shape for Sunday-s week 18 game against Sydney FC.

Sitting in seventh position, just below Sunday-s rivals, a win against Sydney FC on the weekend will see the Jets move to sixth position on the competition ladder.

“Before last week or so people couldn-t see the light at the end of the tunnel and maybe now they do, it is a very difficult league to read and you just need to look at it one or two games at a time,” assistant coach Craig Deans said.

“If you play sport, every time you play, you should play to win, the game against Roar gives us a bit of confidence and I think the boys understand what they did, how they did it and why it is so important to work as hard as they did.”

The Jets have only defeated Sydney once before at their home ground and Deans says the team know that beating Sydney in Sydney is going to be difficult.

“It is a really tough trip and we are not taking it lightly,” he explained.

“We are going down there the night before to try and prepare like we do most away games, in the past we have gone down on the day and that hasn-t worked too well so we are looking to do something a bit different this time.”