Joey Champness to head to the US


Young attacker, Joey Champness will travel to the United States for the month of July in order to pursue an opportunity in the music business.

A rapper under the name ‘JOWIC’, Champness spent time in Los Angeles during the off-season working on his music.

As a result of that time spent in the States, he’ll now head back in order to meet with some key record label executives before returning to Newcastle in August.

The 21-year-old thanked the Newcastle Jets for allowing him to take the time away but promised to come back fit and firing.

“I’m really grateful to the Club for giving me the chance to go and pursue this opportunity,” Champness said.

“It’s the kind of chance which you don’t get every day in music and I know I’d regret it if I didn’t chase it.

“Chris [Smith, Strength and Conditioning coach] has given me a training plan so I’ll be keeping fit and be sure I’m ready to come back into the squad once I’m back in Australia.”

Joey Champness

CEO, Lawrie McKinna said Champness would take a month’s leave with the Club’s full blessing.

“Joey is a talented young man both on and off the park, and this is an opportunity too good for him to pass up,” McKinna said.

“The football department have worked out a rigorous training schedule for Joey to make sure he keeps fit and he arrives back in Newcastle up to speed with the rest of the squad.

“I’ve told him that a condition of him going for the month is that he has to write and perform a Jets rap for us, so we’re looking forward to hearing what he comes up with.”

Champness will return to pre-season training with the squad in Newcastle in August, and won’t miss any competitive action.