JETS INSIDER – Scott Neville


In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, the newly re-signed Scott Neville answered questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, the newly re-signed Scott Neville answered questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Neville discusses the reasons he decided to extend his stay in Newcastle, overcoming his knee injury and the role of the modern fullback.

Ian Holts asks via email: Aside from football, what parts about the Newcastle lifestyle were behind your decision to re-sign?

Scott Neville (SN): I really enjoy the culture in Newcastle. All the people are very friendly and relaxed and I feel like I-ve settled in quite well here.

There-s plenty of things to do, good places to eat and nice beaches as well, so there-s not much else you can ask for really.

Ally Brooks asks via email: What sort of things can you do as an injured player to still try and contribute and be involved with the team even though you can-t train and play?

SN: Obviously I-m still coming into training every day and working hard on my rehab, but apart from that I just try to help out the rest of the boys and the staff with whatever I can.

Last home game I sat in the coach-s box on game day and helped the coaching staff with a little bit of SportsCode, which is the video analysis software that we use.

I think it-s important to help out with little things like that and just try to make my self useful while I-m still recovering from the injury.

@Joe98Parker asks via Twitter: just how much of an impact has Emile Heskey had on the team since his arrival?

SN: I think Emile has had a massive impact both on and off the field at Newcastle.

He-s probably one of best players to play in the A-League and he-s played for big Clubs in Europe and in big tournaments for England, so that experience that he brings to our team is invaluable really.

Larissa Mills asks via email: When do you expect to be back playing again?

SN: The aim is to be back playing in some of the pre-season games next year, but I-ve got to be patient and make sure I don-t try to rush back too quickly.

Aaron Harper asks via email: What-s the best advice you-ve been given so far about overcoming your injury? We know you-ll come back bigger and better than ever!

SN: The best advice is just to stay positive and make sure I tick all the boxes with my rehab so I can come back and play as soon as possible.

I-ve got a great bunch of teammates and the staff here are great too, so I-m sure they-ll all really help me along the way.

Brad Vice asks via email: As a Tottenham fan, what do you think about AVB getting sacked?

SN: It is a bit rough, but when you suffer a couple of big losses in the Premier League the pressure will always be on the manager especially at a big Club like Tottenham where they expect success.

Hopefully we can find a good replacement and still be competitive with the top clubs for the rest of the season.

Ryan Fitzsimmons asks via email: How frustrating was the timing of your injury, given the good form you were in?

SN: As a footballer, it-s always frustrating when you get injured, but especially so when it-s a serious injury like this one.

I felt like I had been playing some good football before hurting my knee, but now my focus is just making sure I do everything I possibly can to get back to that level that I know I capable of.

Chris Stewart asks via email: Are there any fullbacks which you-ve modeled your game on?

SN: I really enjoy watching Glen Johnson from Liverpool play.

He-s strong and powerful in defence, he gets forward really well, can shoot with his left and right foot and scores the odd-goal as well. He has pretty much everything you-d want as a fullback.

Alan Price asks via email: In the modern game, fullbacks tend to get forward a lot and get involved in the attacking play. What do you think the main role of a fullback is, to attack or defend?

SN: First and foremost you-re a defender, so the priority is to make sure you do your job at the back and try to limit the number of chances the opposition has.

Obviously fullbacks have a role to play in attack as well. It depends what system you-re playing as well, but part of your job is to get forward, link up with the winger and try to put some crosses into the box. It-s an area of my game that I-m always trying to improve.

@_Grimario asks via Twitter: Scott, growing up in Perth, did you ever play disc golf? Some of the best courses in the country out West.

SN: I really enjoy my disc golf and it was a really big part of my childhood growing up. There are some great courses in Western Australia and I-m really looking forward to throwing some discs when I get back to fitness.

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