JETS INSIDER – Sam Gallaway


In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Sam Gallaway answered questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, defender Sam Gallaway answered questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Gallaway discusses the Jets- season so far, the run into the finals and who he-s backing to win Surfest.

Jared Edwards asks via email: How would you sum up the season so far from an individual and team perspective?

Sam Gallaway (SG): Personally, I think my season has been a little bit up and down. I felt like I started off well, but then towards the middle of the season I picked up a knee injury and I couldn-t work my way back into the team.

Now I-m back playing regularly again and there-s still quite a few games left this season, so hopefully I can finish the season strongly and help us get some results.

I think as a team, our season has been pretty similar. We started the year strongly and dropped off a bit towards the middle of the season. We-ve had a big win on the weekend, so hopefully we can get on a bit of a roll on the back of that.

Karen Wilmer asks via email: What-s the key to maintaining consistency throughout the season?

SG: I think you-ve just got to stay focused on the game coming up each weekend and not worry about anything beyond that.

We-ve spoken about not getting too far ahead of ourselves and just making sure we focus on our individual roles for each game like who you-re marking, which player you-re matched up against and things like that.

I think if we can do that for these last few games, we-ll be able to play more consistently and get some good results.

Patrick Smith asks via email: How come we can beat Brisbane three times in a season, but sometimes we struggle to beat teams below us on the ladder?

SG: I-m not sure why, but a lot of the time we seem to play better against the stronger teams in the competition. It might be a mentality thing where we think that because we-ve got a really tough game on the weekend, we really need to step it up a level.

If that-s the case we need to make sure we approach every game with that state of mind, because every game in the A-League is a tough one and any team can beat any team on their day.

Oliver Jones asks via email: Do you feel more comfortable at left-back or right-back?

SG: I-ve mainly played at left-back this season, whereas last year I played a bit of both. I-m happy playing both roles, it doesn-t really worry me, but I think I-ve grown into the left-back position now.

I-m naturally a right-footer, but I broke my right ankle a couple of years ago and I did a lot of work on improving my left foot, so now I feel just as confident on the left side of the park as I do the right.

Jemma Brown asks via email: Do you and the other boys find yourself checking the A-League ladder a lot this time of year?

SG: We do tend to keep an eye on it, because you want know where you-re sitting compared to other teams and you obviously always want to be looking to climb the ladder.

In saying that, you don-t want to read too much into it, because the A-League competition is so tight, it can change so much from week to week.

Kera Ramery asks via email: Do you think the side has turned a corner after the win over Brisbane?

SG: I hope so. I think we just needed that one big win to change our season around after six or seven games without a win.

To beat the best team in the league on the weekend is a massive confidence booster for us and hopefully we can take that form into the game against Sydney on Saturday.

Lauren Gap asks via email: What do you think has been the highlight of the season so far?

SG: I-d definitely say the two games we won against Brisbane Roar at Suncorp Stadium. It-s a tough trip up there and I think you can see that from the fact that Adelaide are the only other team to beat Brisbane up there this season.

To have a perfect record this year against what has been arguably the best team in the A-League for the last three or four seasons is a really good achievement.

Patrick Ross asks via email: What do you think about Gary van Egmond being appointed Emerging Jets Academy Director?

SG: Gary-s a really good coach, especially when it comes to developing youth players, so I think it-s a good role for him.

He knows a lot about football, so I think it-s a very good thing for the Emerging Jets program because in Gary they-ll have someone who can educate all the other coaches as well and that-s what football in Newcastle needs.

Bart Cole asks via email: What areas of your game are you looking to improve on?

SG: Just mainly going forward with the ball at my feet. I-ve had a bit of an up and down season with that aspect, so I-m looking to be a bit more confident going forward and taking players on like I was last year.

Willie Conway asks via email: Who is your tip to win Surfest this weekend?

SG: I-d have to say Joel Parkinson, just because he won it last year and he-s absolutely world class.

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