JETS INSIDER – Robbie Middleby


As the Newcastle Jets prepare to take on Melbourne Heart at Hunter Stadium, CEO Robbie Middleby answered this week’s Jets Insider questions.

As the Newcastle Jets prepare to take on Melbourne Heart at Hunter Stadium, CEO Robbie Middleby answered this week’s Jets Insider questions.

@hecivan70 via Twitter: Robbie what are the Club’s aspirations for this season?

Robbie Middleby: We are looking for a minimum top six finish.

@GaryFishNewy via Twitter: Robbie, any chance the club are looking at this idea?

RM: This is something we have been reviewing and our staff have discussed it with the Squadron, who were developing a proposal. We will continue to have discussions around this idea.

Brian Harris via email: What do you think it would do for the comp to see Tim Cahill play in the A-League? And are the Jets interested?

RM: Players like Emile Heskey and Alessandro Del Piero have only enhanced the game and the profile of the game in the country. To have Tim Cahill, an Australian at that same level, would be enormous for the A-League. All Clubs would love to have someone like Tim come in as a guest player and we will have to wait and see what he decides to do.

@sarahroskell via Twitter: Any plans to get @RyuGriff back on the books now he is a free agent?

RM: We were obviously disappointed when Ryan (Griffiths) left the Club towards the end of last season but understood he had to secure his future financially. Our understanding is Ryan is looking to play back in Asia.

@lquiquer via Twitter: Robbie, any chance to send an e-mail to Members this week to explain, promote and encourage “Call & Response” chants?

RM: There is open communication between the Squadron and the Club and we are more than happy for you to contact the Club again about this matter. We have also put chant instructions on the website and chant sheets have been distributed at games.

@PeteAntcliff via Twitter: When will the head coach position be finalised for 2014 and beyond?

RM: It is early in the season and we are all focused on performing well this season. When we finalise anything in regards to next season we will make that announcement.

Luke Powell via email: Hi Robbie. My question to you is, can we as Jets fans read anything into the appearance of Ryan Griffiths at last weekend-s game?

RM: It was great to have Ryan back at the Jets game last weekend and for me personally to catch up with him. As for reading anything into it, he was at the game working for Fox Sports.

Luke Gibbons via email: I just want to ask you, do you think Gary van Egmond-s idea of bringing youth up to have a run in the A-League is a good idea and why?

RM: It is fantastic to provide young talented footballers the opportunity to develop at the Newcastle Jets. It is important also to ensure the players given this opportunity are prepared and ready to step up, and at the same time, we continue to get the results.

Sales via email: What are the chances of re-signing Ryan Griffiths? He appears just what the Jets need in the attacking third and would release pressure off Burns. Also, if a contract release can-t be negotiated for Burns once his loan agreement is up, Griffiths would fit right into that left-hand edge role.

RM: As above, we are of the understanding that Ryan is looking to play back in Asia.

Sarah via email: How challenging is it to retain your best young players when 1) the side is predominately young and 2) they are improving and attracting local and international attention?

RM: It is always a challenge to retain your best players, regardless of their age. We are working hard behind the scenes to ensure our best players remain at the Club.

Terry via email: Who do you think is the form team of the competition so far?

RM: It is still very early in the season but I think Brisbane are the benchmark, certainly before they lost some key players to international duty and injury. Once these players are back, they have a very, very good team.

PJ via email: Do you think Ange was a good choice for the Socceroos coach? And do you think he will look to bring in more A-League players into the side?

RM: Ange is a good appointment; he knows how important success is for the Socceroos and what it means to the football community in Australia. There is a big chance more A-League players will feature as he is based here and knows the A-League very well.

Robyn Wales via email: Do you hope to see Harry Kewell play this weekend for Melbourne Heart?

RM: I can-t wait to see Harry Kewell play in Newcastle this weekend and even though he hasn’t been named, we still think he has a big chance to play. There is no doubt he will lift Melbourne Heart and will be a great challenge for our team.

Thank you for your questions, stay tuned for next week’s Jets Insider details. We hope to see you all at Sunday’s game, when we take on Melbourne Heart at Hunter Stadium.