JETS INSIDER – Jacob Pepper


In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Jacob Pepper is in the hot seat answering questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, midfielder Jacob Pepper is in the hot seat answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Pepper is quizzed on topics including what it would be like playing alongside Emile Heskey, the Jets- first season in the NBN State League and his childhood sporting idols.

@nickmajurovski asks via Twitter: Are you excited about the possibility that you could be playing alongside Emile Heskey?

Jacob Pepper (JP): For sure. Growing up as a kid you always look at people like that and aspire to be the player they are. He-s played in the English Premier League and at World Cups so it doesn-t get much bigger than that.

I-m not certain whether it-s going to happen or not, but it would be great for the Club and great for the community as well. Hopefully plenty of our Members and supporters would turn out to watch him play.

Jessica Warren asks via email: You managed to earn a starting spot at the end of last year, but there-s plenty of competition for places in the Jets midfield again this season. What sort of role are you hoping to play in 2012/13?

JP: It-s going to be hard this season. Obviously we-ve brought in a lot of new players who are quality players as well. I just have to make sure I keep training well so when my opportunity comes I-m ready for it.

Hopefully I can keep pushing for a spot in the starting XI and we-ll wait and see what happens from there.

@RyuGriff (Ryan Griffiths) asks via Twitter: How does it feel to be second in the fishing stakes to me?

JP: He wishes! I-m the captain of the boat, so Griff knows that he-s second to me.

Mitch Hawkett asks via email: What do you think yourself and some of the other young first-team boys took out of your first season playing in the NBN State League?

JP: It was a really good opportunity to get some more game time under our belts. Obviously the more games you play, the better you-re going to become as a player.

Myself, Connor Chapman, Mitch Cooper, Mitch Oxborrow, James Virgili and Sam Gallaway all played a few games in the competition, which was good for our development. Hopefully that will have us in good shape coming into the A-League season.

@Bridgy8 (Michael Bridges)Why does Jacob Pepper let people-s car tyres down? #WatchYaBack

JP: I-ve already told Bridgey about four times that it wasn-t me, but if he wants to start a war, I-m ready (laughs).

Ben Wilson asks via email: Which A-League games are you looking forward to playing most this season?

JP: It-s always good to play against the Central Coast because they-re so close and there is a great local rivalry there. There are always big crowds at those games and the fans really get into it, which is great for us as players.

The other one that will be interesting will be against Wellington. We had a bit of fiery trial match against them so it will be a really interesting game when we play them again.

Mark Ryan asks via email: If you could be a professional in any other sport, what would it be and why?

JP: Probably surfing, because of the lifestyle. They get to travel the world, chill out at the beach and catch waves all day.

Katrina Smith asks via email: Where are your favourite spots to surf?

JP: I-ve always been a Bar Beach boy and that-s definitely the best spot in Newcastle.

William Aguilar asks via email: You-re a player who-s managed to come through and play in the A-League without ever representing Australia in under 17s and under 20s. What message would you give to other young players who don-t get picked for those junior rep teams?

JP: Just don-t let it get to your head too much. There-s always a lot of time and progress you can make by working hard and playing consistently for your Club.

If you stick at it and keep on doing what you-re doing, you never know where you might end up.

Joe Dominguez asks via email: Who was your sporting idol growing up?

JP: Probably David Beckham, because when I was growing up, he was probably one of the best players going around during that era. He was definitely one of my idols as a kid.

Also people like Kelly Slater. I-ve loved surfing since I was young so he-s also someone that I looked up to a lot.

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