JETS INSIDER – Gary van Egmond


In this week’s Jets Insider, Gary van Egmond answers questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

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In this weeks edition of Jets Insider, Hunter Ports Newcastle Jets head coach Gary van Egmond answers questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Van Egmond reveals the Jets are close to securing a number nine for next season while also discussing how he has developed as a coach since his last stint at the Club.

@DaveBriant96 asks via Twitter: Will there be any more major signings in the coming weeks before/during the season?

Gary van Egmond (GvE): There will be. We-re getting closer to securing a number nine and hopefully that gets finalised within the next week or so, so we can get him out here training with the rest of the group as soon as possible.

Ryan Moloney asks via email: Do you think the players are starting to buy in to the style of play you-re trying to teach them?

GvE: It-s starting to come to fruition a little bit and we can see that from the early signs in pre-season, but we-ll know a lot more when we get closer to the A-League season and start playing against better quality opposition.

James Thomas asks via email: You-ve mentioned before you are looking for players who are not only the right fit on the field but off the field. What off-field characteristics are you looking for in particular?

GvE: People who are honest, have good integrity and are disciplined people. We-re also looking for people who love football who are prepared to work hard and be ambitious.

We want players who not only want to play in the first XI at the Jets, but have the ambition to want to possibly play overseas one day or in international teams. I think you need those types of people who are keen to turn up to training and work as hard as they can to ensure they-re going to get the most out of themselves.

I think we-ve got a good group right at this moment and the culture of the Club is evolving and getting better and better.

@thewestbury69 asks via Twitter: Playing a high tempo passing game this season, what type of player do you see coming in and is Joel Griffiths an option?

GvE: We need to ensure we can get the players that fit the bill for the type of football that we-re looking to play and we believe we-re on the right track for that so far.

Joel and I talk and have kept in contact since both of us were here at the Jets previously, but at this stage he isn-t an option because he has a fairly hefty contract in China which we can-t really come close to matching.

Michael Takacs asks via email: By all reports James Virgili appears to have done well in pre-season so far. How have you seen his development so far?

GvE: James is working hard and starting to understand the game a little bit more. It-s not so much what he does when he gets the ball, that-s usually quite effective, it-s about the position to get the most out of his natural ability.

He has great natural speed, but he can still work on his final pass as far as his crossing is concerned and his finishing as well. He-s coming along well and we-ll see where this journey takes him.

@flamindinky asks via Twitter: Will we see more of Sam Gallaway in action this season?

GvE: He-s in a tough spot with so many other good defenders in the squad. It-s up to Sam to keep working hard as far as his development is concerned and put his hand up for selection. If he can do that we-ll wait see how things turn out.

Joe Dominguez asks via email: How much have you evolved as a coach since the last time your were in charge of the Jets? Do you think the standard of the A-League has improved since then?

GvE: For myself, I think I am a different coach to what I was previously. I-m a much more well-informed coach and a lot more knowledgeable about the game. Now it-s a matter of managing myself and others to get the best out of the players.

I think the A-League has improved from a point of view of what Brisbane has done. I still think there-s a lot of scope for the league to get better. The competition has only been around for seven years and is still in its infancy so there is still plenty of time for it to become a stronger competition.

Rachel Sanchez asks via email: Are you happy with what you got out of the trip to Canberra last week?

GvE: Very much so. It was a good week for the boys to be with each other both on and off the field. It gives players a bit more of an insight into how their teammates are, what their interests are outside of football.

We did a few activities as a group while we were down there to encourage the players to get to know each other better and it was great. The game was fantastic as well as a chance to get some game time into the players- legs while they-re continuing to work hard.

Nolen Smith asks via email: Which players have impressed you so far during pre-season?

GvE: There are a number of boys who have done very well so far in training and in our trial games, which is very encouraging.

I have to say that Ruben Zadkovich is really starting to grow as a leader within the group. Ruben has an aggressive style of play, but he-s really starting to control that and use that energy at the right points throughout a match, which makes him a valuable asset.

It-s important to have a player like Ruben within the squad who you know will always take the fight to the opposition because it lifts the rest of the team to follow suit and play at a high level.

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