JETS INSIDER – Emile Heskey


As the Newcastle Jets prepare to host the Brisbane Roar at Hunter Stadium this Sunday, marquee striker Emile Heskey answered this week’s Jets Insider questions.

As the Newcastle Jets prepare to host the Brisbane Roar at Hunter Stadium this Sunday, marquee striker Emile Heskey answered this week’s Jets Insider questions.

@storma24 via Twitter: What is your favourite Leicester goal?

Emile Heskey: I am not sure about my favourite but probably my most important was the one at Wembley in the League Cup final against Middlesbrough, that made us go to a replay. It allowed us to go back and win the game and win our first trophy.

@C_MatthewsDarby via Twitter: What was it like playing with Stevie G?

EH: It was a privilege. He is a great player and it has shown over the years he is capable of playing in any side and helping them win!

@joshualloyd85 via Twitter: How do you feel about an @newyboys ‘e-e-e-e Emile and the Jetssss’ chant to the tune of ‘Benny and The Jets’?

EH: That sounds great.

@joshholt22 via Twitter: Bias aside, where do you think England will finish in the WC?

EH: I hope we win it! I think they will get to the semis or the quarterfinals.

@MHollingshurst via Twitter: Emile what will do you when your playing career ends, do you see yourself as a manager?

EH: I haven-t thought that far ahead, I would like to think I have got a few more playing years left in these legs. Coaching would probably suit me more than management.

@BogetveitJonas via Twitter: How much do you lift in biceps?

EH: No clue about that one.

@sstammers15 via Twitter: Would you answer an SOS from Roy Hodgson in England if you were needed at the World Cup?

EH: Obviously you-d answer an SOS but I can-t see that happening. There are some great players within the England set up, some great young forwards especially.

@Jasifly7 via Twitter: Emile, when you score on the weekend will you bring back the DJ celebration? PS Glad you’re fit again.

EH: That one has retired. And thank you, it is great to be back.

@_jjsb via Twitter: Any chance you’ll come back to England?

EH: To play? Who knows what the future holds.

@EKvaly via Twitter: Do you miss the time in Liverpool?

EH: Liverpool was a great time and we achieved so much!

@soccer_joel via Twitter: Who-s the best coach / manager you’ve played under?

EH: Two coaches. Martin O-Neill when I was at Leicester and Gérard Houllier.

@joshualloyd85 via Twitter: Is the @NewcastleJetsFC Heritage Cinnamon and Emerald strip the greatest strip ever or just a great strip?

EH: It is a nice strip and I think it works well for the Club.

Nath Hamworth via email: Every time we see a young Australian player move over to Europe they comment on how much faster the game is and how much more intense the fitness regimes are. It seems to take them longer to adapt and puts them in a harder position to make the first team. Would you say that this was the case for you coming from the EPL to the A-League and if so, what do you suggest we do to close this gap?

EH: The weather is different so you can-t really compare. It is difficult to do the same regime over there as you can here. You can-t run around like you probably could in Europe but regimes are really down to the fitness coaches to work out.

Ryan via email: There’s been talk of yourself and Adam Taggart competing for the strikers position, do you see a possibility of playing alongside him and forming a strike partnership?

EH: That is up to the manager. You obviously go out there and perform but it is up to the manager how he wants to play and what formation he wants to play. We will have to wait and see.

Petrea via email: What’s it like playing for the Jets and how does it feel that your job is to play soccer?

EH: It is a great privilege to play for the Jets as it is a privilege to do what I love doing for work, and to play the sport I grew up playing.

Henry Roberts via email: The Brisbane Roar are leading the comp, does that provide extra motivation for Sunday?

EH: Yes they are a great team, even last year I thought they were one of the better teams in the competition. It is nice playing up against the best, you want to play the best so Sunday will be a great game.

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