JETS INSIDER – Emile Heskey


In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Emile Heskey is answering questions submitted by the club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, marquee striker Emile Heskey is answering questions submitted by the club-s Members and supporters.

Heskey answers questions about the A-League Finals Series, his combination with strike-partner Ryan Griffiths and who he thinks will win the English Premier League.

Mitch McDonough asks via email: Imagine you’ve been handed the player-coach position for the club, and had the ability to sign two starting players in the upcoming offseason. What two positions would you use these signings to fill?

Emile Heskey (EH): I think the two most important signings that just about any club could make would be a creative midfielder and an experienced defender.

@Robey_Boucher asks via Twitter: How does Griffo compare to the strike partners you’ve had in the past?

EH: All my strike partners have been different. Ryan-s got a number of good attributes and he works hard as well. He-s always a goal scoring threat, which is always what you want from your attacking players.

Gary Walker asks via email: Do you think clubs are too quick to sack their managers when results aren-t going well and do you think players should be more accountable?

EH: It-s difficult for me to comment on how things are in Australia because I-ve been here for less than a season, but in England I think clubs can definitely be too quick to sack their managers.

The manager can only pick his best XI players and to be honest with you, the players shouldn-t need any extra motivation to go out on the pitch and perform. As a professional footballer they have the opportunity to do something that a lot of people would love to do and it-s something I-ve loved to do since I started.

As players we should be held more accountable for results, but I guess you also have to look at it from the club-s point of view. Especially with the pressures of the English leagues, where there are financial considerations and a lot of scrutiny from the media and fans who all want instant success.

@Dannyedwards111 asks via Twitter: Will Heskey be playing for A-League All Stars against Manchester United?

EH: We-ll just have to wait and see. Either way, I-m sure the match will be a great event for football fans here in Australia.

Shane Fox asks via email: What do you think of the A-League having playoffs and a grand final to decide the Champions as opposed to first past the post like in England?

EH: I would prefer it if the Championship went to the team that is first past the post because they-re the ones that have been performing consistently over the course of the season and they probably deserve it.

The good thing about the playoffs is that more teams have something to play for at this time of the season. Hopefully we can finish in that top six and who knows what might happen after that.

@Tommyjet262 asks via Twitter: Hi Emile, are you as frustrated as the fans are at the lack of quality service you receive?

EH: We-ve got some good players who are showing glimpses at times that they have great ability.

Hopefully we can see that on a more consistent basis and create more goals and more chances. A lot of the time, it-s more about decision making than the actual pass or anything like that.

@jake_verity asks via Twitter: Who-s the joker at the Jets?

EH: Taylor Regan. He stitches people up and is an expert at changing the truth a little bit to make things sound a lot more exciting. Let-s just leave it at that.

@BayuHendryana Emile, who do you think will win the EPL?

EH: Looking at the table you would have to say Manchester United.

@Buddha14 asks via Twitter: Are you saddened to see beloved Aston Villa’s current plight? Any chance you can give us a hand?

EH: It is a bit sad and it-s difficult because I still know quite a few of the players. Speaking to them, they-re desperate to get out of the situation that they-re in.

I believe they-ve got the players with big game experience that can hopefully pull them out of a relegation battle. Obviously the win against West Ham did their chances a lot of good and hopefully they can keep that going.

Adam Ferguson asks via email: Would you ever consider becoming a manager?

EH: I-d consider it, but every time you see a player become a manager, he starts off with a full head of dark, black hair and within a month it-s all grey, so I might have to get a year-s supply of Just For Men or something like that.

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