JETS INSIDER – Dominik Ritter


In this week’s edition of Jets Insider, Dominik Ritter is answering questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, Dominik Ritter is in the hot seat answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Ritter discusses his transition to Australian football, his career highlights and toughest opponents as well as his desire to learn to surf.

@nickmajurovski asks via Twitter: Dominik, how has the transition from playing in Switzerland to playing in Australia been for you?

Dominik Ritter (DR): A few things are different. Of course the lifestyle is very good here, it is very close to the beach, which is beautiful. The weather is different. I came here in winter and it wasn-t bad actually, but it is starting to get warmer now and I-m looking forward to summer.

In terms of football, training is quite similar, but the pitches are very different. The pitches here are harder. A lot also depends on the coach and which strategy he has. Here in Newcastle we play quite similar to how we played when I was at FC Basel. We play offensive football, which is what I like.

Thomas Smith asks via email: You-ve played against a couple of A-League teams now, what are your thoughts on the standard and style of football in Australia?

DR: The style of play is different for every team, it depends on their strategy. Some teams might look to play more long balls if they have a big striker at the front.

We like to make quick transitions and keep the ball on the floor. The level of football is quite good. The intensity is high in our training sessions and games and I think with our team we-ve got a good chance for this season.

Ryan Wallace asks via email: What are the highlights of your career so far?

DR: It-s hard to say, I-ve had a few. When I played in the youth team at FC Basel, we won the Championship, we won the Cup and that was a good experience. Also all my international games with the youth national teams in Switzerland were great too.

Obviously playing with FC Basel in the Europa League at our big home stadium in front of a good crowd was pretty exciting as well.

@joshholt22 asks via Twitter: Who’s the toughest attacker you have marked up on so far in your career?

DR: I would have to say Alex Frei and Marco Streller. They were playing for FC Basel and I played against them in a Cup match for FC Winterthur. They are some of the most famous players in Switzerland and are difficult to play against.

I think Emile Heskey will also be hard to mark in training. He-s a big boy who is very strong. It-s going to be good for us defenders to learn by playing against him in training.

It-s also good that we-ll have him on our team making it difficult for the defence of our opponent.

Aaron Jones asks via email: We saw that the team had a couple of days away last weekend. How did you go at the golf and fishing activities?

DR: It was a great couple of days with the team. Two weeks before the season starts it was good for everyone to refresh their minds and do something else apart from football.

We had a great first day of golf and I enjoyed it. I-m a pretty average golfer, but I tried my best. Fishing was great with Ruben catching the fish of the day, a big Snapper. It was a lot of fun.

@Illprincpe21 asks via Twitter: Do you hope to be back in Europe after the Jets?

DR: Let-s see how the start of the season goes. I can-t really say whether I will stay here or go back to another country in Europe or maybe in Switzerland again. I-m just concentrating on doing well and playing the best I can to help the Jets this season. After that we-ll just see what happens.

Warren Jeffries asks via email: Did you have much to do with Scott Chipperfield while you were at FC Basel and did you speak to him before you came to Australia?

DR: I didn-t have a whole lot to do with him, but I spoke to him a few times. He is a very nice person who looks after all the young people coming up through to the first team.

Scott is the most successful player for FC Basel, he was there for over 10 years, played a few times in the Champions League, won Swiss Championships, Cups and everything. He-s quite famous and one of the most popular players in Switzerland.

Before I came here, I didn-t speak with him. I think maybe some Australians spoke to him about me but I-m not quite sure.

Miley Rees asks via email: Will you try to learn to surf while you-re in Australia?

DR: I will definitely give it a try. I haven-t had a chance to do it yet, but I will have a go in summer. I will have to get Sammy (Gallaway) to teach me.

Michael Conway asks via email: Is there a different culture in Australian teams/change rooms then there is in Switzerland?

DR: It-s quite similar. In every team you have a few people who speak more, make jokes and keep the fun up in the team. There are also others who might be a bit quitter and don-t speak as much, but it-s similar in Switzerland to what it is here.

Reece Johnson asks via email: Who is the best player you have played with or against?

DR: It-s hard to say. I-ve played against a lot of players and for sure there have been a lot of good players. I remember playing with Felipe Caicedo who was at FC Basel and transferred to the Premier League and he was a very good striker. But of course, guys like Frei, Streller and Chipperfield are also up there.

Tyler Myles asks via email: Which players in the Jets squad have impressed you since you-ve been in Australia?

DR: It-s difficult to say just one. I think in every line, defence, midfield and strikers, we had good players and different types of players.

Bridgey has obviously played at a high level in the past and you can see that when he touches the ball. There-s also Ruben who has a lot of spirit and he runs a lot and works hard for the team. Jobe is the captain and he makes sure the whole team steps together in the right direction.

Everyone has his own role in the team and all-in-all it works very well together.

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