JETS INSIDER – Craig Goodwin


In this week’s Jets Insider, Craig Goodwin is in the hot seat answering questions submitted by the Club’s Members and supporters.

In this week-s edition of Jets Insider, Craig Goodwin is in the hot seat answering questions submitted by the Club-s Members and supporters.

Goodwin discusses topics including his favourite moment this season, his footballing idol, and this weekend-s F3 Derby against Central Coast Mariners.

@legend_matt asks via Twitter: Is there a moment from this season you’ll cherish forever?

Craig Goodwin (CG): I would have to say the first time we played Sydney FC this season in front of 35,000 people. The atmosphere of such a big crowd was amazing, but to be able to win that game 3-2 and score a goal as well was a feeling I-ll never forget.

@sharmo999 asks via Twitter: Who is your funniest teammate? And are there any teammates with annoying habits?

CG: They-re all pretty funny in their own different ways, but Ruben Zadkovich would have to be up there as one of the funniest. As for annoying habits, I have to say I haven-t really noticed any really bad ones just yet.

@MattClark26 asks via Twitter: Who was your idol growing up?

CG: My idol growing up was Fernando Torres from the days when he was at Atletico Madrid and Liverpool. He was a brilliant player and a fantastic goal scorer.

@Buddha14 asks via Twitter: Craig, how have you adjusted to life in Newcastle? If you didn’t become a footballer what would you be?

CG: I think I-ve adjusted really well. I-ve settled in now, I-ve got to know a few people here and I-ve become friends with the boys in the team and other people as well.

To be honest, if I didn-t play football professionally, I have no idea what I-d be doing, I-d probably be unemployed!

@pll_lover01 asks via Twitter: What is your favourite position to play?

CG: I-ve been switched around between left-wing and left-back a bit this year, but I-m not really fussed what position I play so long as I-m in the team. In saying that, I definitely feel more comfortable when I-m attacking.

@boomshanka1976 asks via Twitter: Does it frustrate you when you don’t start games or get taken off early?

CG: Every player wants to start in every game, but sometimes the coach will have an idea in his head of how he wants to play against a certain opposition. Sometimes that means I-ll have to sit on the bench and sometimes that means I-ll have to come off early.

As long as when I-m on the pitch, I can do the job the coach wants me to do and I can play well for the amount of time that I-m on there then I-m happy with that and I will have done my job for the team.

Jasper Spanjaart asks via email: Hi Craig, first of all, I’m a big fan and you’re the reason my alarm sets of early in the Netherlands on a Saturday to watch the Jets play! My questions are; has the left-wing position always been your preferred position? And how are you able to be consistently so awesome in every game?

CG: I-m not too bothered where I play, as long as I get to attack at some point, because I-m more comfortable doing that.

When it comes to maintaining consistency it-s just a matter of working hard week-in, week-out. At a young age it-s very hard to sometimes find consistency, but as long as you have teammates around you that are helping, spurring you on and giving you confidence, it becomes easier to maintain.

@DeeRose_9 asks via Twitter: Not many to choose from just yet but from your time at Raiders, to now, what’s your most memorable goal? Why?

CG: It would have to be one of the A-League goals I-ve scored. The first one against Sydney in front of 35,000 would have to be my favourite, but the second one I scored from a free-kick against Sydney later in the season at Hunter Stadium was pretty special to me as well.

@deewright1988 asks via Twitter: Craig Goodwin: what are you most excited about for the F3 derby this weekend?

CG: Hopefully a good result and three points. It-s always a good atmosphere in derby matches and I hope that there will be good travelling support from the Newcastle fans. I-m definitely looking forward to the competition and the atmosphere that a derby brings.

@beauvass asks via Twitter: Was it a tough decision to leave Heart? What factors led you to leave and why did you opt to go to the Jets?

CG: It was a very difficult decision to leave because the Heart obviously gave me my first start in professional football.

When I looked at what the Heart were offering and what Newcastle were offering, I just felt at Newcastle I-d get more game time and get more exposure to the league. Where as at Heart they had a couple of older players who were more experienced and good players as well.

I felt coming to Newcastle with the younger team, the style of play that Gary wanted to use and with Gary being a former AIS coach who gets the best out of young players, it was the right move for me to get where I want to be.

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