Jets ‘Flight Path’ set for take off

Newcastle Jets Head of Football Huss Skenderovic and Youth Head Coach Riccardo Marchioli spoke to parents from players of the Jets Academy about the club’s revised youth development program and the importance of their role in both the journey to becoming professional footballers as well as becoming outstanding members of our community. 

Marchioli highlighted the importance of connecting with our local community and families on a more personal level and how vital their role is in each young person’s life and journey as a young footballer at the club.

“It’s important for us to connect with our community and to the families who will have the biggest impact on the journey of our talented young players both as footballers and as people. We’ve now established and distributed “The Flight Path” – a clear program & methodology which will serve as a strong base for the region’s most talented young footballers now and into the future.

Most importantly, from a technical standpoint, the methodology is strongly linked to our A-League program but also flips the focus to the development of individuals within our team model of play. We want to make sure that not only are we giving the people of Newcastle exciting players to look forward to that can make an impact in helping our club achieve something special but that we are also consistently contributing to the success of our national teams and society more broadly away from football.

In order to do that, we are constantly revising what is best practice and what will give each individual the optimal growth environment to continue to progress while they are a part of our club and program.”