Jets’ changes for Perth Glory


Coach Gary van Egmond said there will be some changes for this Saturday’s game, including the return of Kasey Wehrman.

Following the Jets disappointing loss to Wellington, the team resumed training a day earlier than scheduled as they prepare to host Perth Glory this Saturday night.

Coach Gary van Egmond said there will be some changes to the team, including the return of midfielder Kasey Wehrman, who was rested last weekend.

‘‘There will be some changes, there won-t be a massive lot of changes but we will obviously bring some players back in,” van Egmond said.

“We rested Kasey from New Zealand on purpose, with the heavy workload happening over this period of time and into January, so he-s obviously one to come back in.

‘‘Jobe (Wheelhouse) we-re a little bit more unsure of, because he-s got some type of inflammation of his foot so we-ll be guided by the doc there and wait and see on that.”

Defender Taylor Regan, who started on the bench last weekend, could find himself in the starting eleven this week.

‘‘Taylor-s definitely one whose time has come to give him more game time,– van Egmond said.

‘‘He-s been excellent at training, his attitude is spot-on, and whenever he-s played for the team he-s never let anyone down.

‘‘In a lot of ways he-s been a real leader out there, so maybe the time has come for him to get a starting spot.–

The team did their usual video review at training on Tuesday, which highlighted for the team where they need to improve.

‘‘We went through some things on the video and showed certain areas where we were poor as far as our defensive line was concerned, but the mainstay of our issues are self-inflicted from our midfield or from passing out,” the coach said.

‘‘It-s a whole team effort. We win together, we lose together.”

Hopefully on Saturday the Jets are winning together when they take on Perth Glory at Ausgrid Stadium. Click here for ticket information.