Jets and Knights team up to help grieving students


The Jets and Knights made a special trip to Singleton to spend time with the students of St Catherine’s Catholic College.

The Newcastle Jets and Newcastle Knights made a special trip to Singleton on Friday to spend time with the students of St Catherine-s Catholic College, who are going through a difficult time after the heartbreaking bus crash.

Tragically year 3 student Harry Dunn lost his life during the accident and his 7-year-old brother Luke was critically injured, along with six other students from the school.

Knights players James McManus, Ryan Stig, Kurt Gidley and CEO Matt Gidley, along with Jets players Ryan Griffiths, Josh Mitchell and Ben Kennedy hoped by spending time with the students they could give them something to smile about.

Dave Newham of the 100% Knights program, led a special assembly where the students had to chance to ask the players questions.

The students were encouraged to listen carefully as they were later quizzed on the players- answers and were rewarded with signed merchandise.

Harry-s grieving parents, Sarah and Dean Dunn and brother Luke, who is recovering well from his injuries, attended the assembly.

Luke joined the players on stage and was given signed shirts and balls from each Club.

Matt Gidley spoke to the students on why it is ok to be sad and how important it is to speak to their parents, teachers and friends about their feelings.

After the assembly was over, the students got the chance to participate in a number of football drills with the Knights players and Junior Development Department.