‘I’m here to help the Club go forward’


Karl Dodd has reunited with Newcastle Jets head coach and friend Craig Deans and will look to make an instant impact this weekend as the Club hosts Sydney FC.

With a background in performance and coaching, Dodd will offer a unique perspective to the Jets staff.

Having vacated his position as head coach of Guam’s men’s national team, Dodd is delighted to be working alongside Deans to help move this club forward.

“I’m a part of his staff, I’m here to help the Club go forward,” Dodd said.

The Jets have suffered this season, but Dodd is confident that they have the staff and players in place to return to a force in the A-League.

“It’s not a quick fix, and I think that’s what a lot of clubs struggle with, they try and get a quick fix and you’re just adding another band-aid to the problem instead of building it properly,” Dodd said.


“I think Craig has a great plan and I think he needs to see it out for this club to go forward.”

Dodd spent two weeks in hotel quarantine, which gave him a lot of time to get up to speed the A-League competition.

He’s been watching plenty of video and wasted no time in implementing his methods in training.

“I did as much as I could in quarantine to get my head around things and see where we could make changes,” Dodd said.

“One of them was the accountability and analysis side of it, we put on a session today and that really challenged the players.”

Having hit the ground running, Dodd is pleased with the attitude of the players and believes the team can get a result against Sydney FC this weekend.

“We have Sydney FC this week, so if we can get that energy going and keep going well, why can’t we beat Sydney FC?,” Dodd said.