HSG reinforces commitment to Jets and Knights


Hunter Sports Group CEO Troy Palmer has reinforced the organisation’s commitment to the Newcastle Jets and Newcastle Knights.

Hunter Sports Group CEO Troy Palmer has reinforced the organisation-s commitment to the Newcastle Jets and Newcastle Knights.

Palmer said Hunter Sport Group (HSG) would remain unwavering in its support of both clubs.

“There-s nothing for the community to fear. The teams, both the Knights and Jets aren-t going anywhere,” he said.

“They-re well resourced, we-ve got great staff, great coaches, great players.

“We-re still very supportive of the clubs and we-ll continue to support the clubs.

“It-s all about the teams and we-re disappointed our headlines are causing some distractions, but that-s all they are, distractions.”

Palmer said the progress made by both the Jets and Knights under the ownership of HSG is set to continue.

“From when we took over there were no resources, there was plenty of debt in both the Knights and the Jets and we-ve fixed all that up,” he explained.

“We brought a lot of money into the Group, resourced it, brought in excellent staff both on the footy side of it and the commercial side of it.

“Look at our KPIs. Every KPI of the clubs has gone from the bottom to the top, in terms of membership, merchandise and sponsors.

“The clubs are in a tremendous position, both the Knights and the Jets, and that-s going to continue.”

Palmer said that HSG are working hard to iron out any problems they have recently faced, but said there are no issues surrounding the financial position of owner Nathan Tinkler.

“There are certainly things that we need to do better and there are certain things that we-re working on and they-ll be fixed in the short term,” he said.

“It-s nothing like the media storm that people are trying to make it out to be.

“It-s well known that we-ve had some cash flow constraints over the recent period, but there are no issues with his financial position.

“It-s a very strong balance sheet and I don-t think there are any long term issues at all, in fact there are no long term issues.

“I-ve been working for Nathan for five years and I know the exact position of the Group.

“I talk to Nathan everyday. I see him on a weekly basis and talk with him very closely.

“We-re very comfortable with our position. We-ve got some issues that we-ve got to fix, and we are fixing them.

“Nathan-s a remarkable fella. He-s very strong, committed and confident.

“We know where we-re heading, we know exactly what we-re working on and we know the good projects and exciting things that we-ve got around the corner.

“This is just short term and we-re quickly fixing it.”