Day settles in but misses mum’s cooking

We go one-on-one with Westfield W-League star Stacey Day on settling in to Newcastle.

Moving away from home and leaving family and friends isn-t an easy thing to do.

Just ask Stacey Day, the Newcastle Jets women-s sides- new recruit.

She has settled in well to her adoptive city and although she-s not homesick, there-s one thing she craves most above everything else that she-s left behind. “I miss mum-s home cooking,” she said.

Day-s move from Adelaide is what she hopes will be a down payment on future success down the track, with a goal to play at the highest level.

Football Frenzy-s Michael Cain caught up with Stacey after the sides 1-1 draw with Sydney FC and asked the nineteen year-old about her move, the Jets and her future goals.

Q. The sides won once in the first four games. In such a short season three pointers are so important, is the side still confidant of making the finals?

A. Yes, it-s a pretty tight competition with not much between the teams in standard. A few wins in succession could really put us up there.

Q. Getting off to a good start is something that-s been a problem for the team as all four games the side has conceded first. That-s something that needs to be addressed?

A. Definitely we-ve started slow and makes it hard to get back into the game, so hopefully we can change that. Starting this week against Perth.

Q. Just on yourself. You-re an Adelaide girl. How-s the transition of living in Newcastle been?

A. Pretty good it reminds me a lot like home, both cities are fairly similar. Everyone has been so friendly.

Q. You scored against your hometown a couple of weeks ago. What was that feeling like?

A. I was actually thinking of it the night before about what it would be like to score against them. It was a great feeling, but losing the match put a bit of a downer on it.

Q. There is professional league-s in Europe and one starting up again in America. Is that something you-d like to explore one day?

A. I-ve given it a little bit of thought but I-ve set my goals on the W-League for now and I might look at that later down the track. This league hopefully will give the girls a reason to stay

Stacey certainly has a big future in front of her as her performances suggest. I feel it will be sooner rather than later that we-ll see her in a Matidas shirt.