Coelho juggling life as a criminal defence lawyer


When Claire Coelho isn’t saving goals in the W-League, she’s trying to save people in the courtroom.

On game day, Coelho is goal-keeper for the Newcastle Jets but by day, she’s a criminal defence lawyer. 

“In February last year I was admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales as a solicitor and I only ever wanted to work in criminal law,” Coelho told the Footballers’ Voice podcast.

“The corporate world and commercial world bores me to tears so since being admitted in February I work any local court hearings, sentences, district court trials, any traffic matters. So I’m in court quite a bit and in the office preparing, phoning clients, doing jail visits, everything involved in the criminal world.

“It’s full on, it’s entertaining, it’s sad at times as well but it’s something I find really rewarding as well to help those that are in a very vulnerable position.”