Coaches Column


Gary’s weekly column; discussing last week’s win and the challenge to bring three-points home this weekend.

It was an amazing experience last Saturday evening to be back at the Newcastle Jets home ground, Ausgrid Stadium. The atmosphere and the crowd made me remember what I love about this town and why I am so thankful to be home.

The atmosphere in the sheds before the players went out was also something I have missed. You could feel how much they wanted a win that night against Perth Glory, and they certainly got one.

All of the players on the field showed they have listened and learned over the past few weeks, with Craig and myself concentrating on their ability to read the game, and how to apply pressure from the first whistle to create as many opportunities as they can to make a play for the nets.

We came away with a two – nil win, but the openings they created and went for were numerous. The effort that they all put in was obvious, they were working for the team and their fans, and they took hold of the game with both hands.

I am looking forward to our next match against Melbourne Heart, we may not have the best away game record at present but if we can apply the same principles and mentally be prepared this will make all the difference.

We need to be mindful though, Melbourne are a good team, their position on the ladder shouldn-t give any team false hope of a guaranteed win.

Even with the improvement the side has shown there is always room for more, I am wary of the Heart and respect them as a team, they will be hungry for a win.

On a high note, the announcement that Michael Bridges will re-join the Jets this season was great news, he is a very talented football striker and the wealth of knowledge and experience he will bring to the team will be invaluable.

The past eight weeks in training he has shown that he still has what it takes on the pitch and I am excited to see him back in full swing and find his rhythm within the team. I hope that his maturity and eye for finding those winning moments in the game shine through with the calmness that he has when he plays.

It is now eyes forward to round six, let-s bring home a win.

Gary van Egmond