A Show of Commitment


Inspirations Paint Expands Major Sponsorship of Newcastle Jets

Major Sponsor Inspirations Paint will feature on the front of the A-League Home jersey for the 2020/21 season showing further support to the club.

Head of Marketing at Inspirations Paint, Joel Goodsir said, “Fans should know there is a strong commitment to the Jets from sponsors such as Inspirations Paint and Greater Bank, regardless of the challenges the club is facing right now”.

Goodsir went on to say, “We’re excited for Inspirations Paint to be showcased on the front of all three jerseys in 2020/21”.



The national chain of paint stores, which is headquartered in Warners Bay, is entering their sixth season as sponsor, making them one of the longest serving Major Sponsor in the history of the Newcastle Jets.

Newcastle Jets CEO, Lawrie McKinna said, “This commitment from Inspirations Paint is a symbol of the strong support for the game and for the club in Newcastle and Northern NSW. We are thrilled to have two of Newcastle’s largest companies on the front of our A-League and W-League team for the upcoming season”