Statement from Newcastle Jets CEO Shane Mattiske

Given there has been a lot of speculation regarding the club over the last few days, I wanted to provide some insight into the current sale process.

Firstly, it has always been the case that the current owners of the football club are transitionary owners, and they clearly have a focus on passing the Club to a permanent owner for the future. We know that our fans, members, partners, players and staff are all looking forward to the Club being in the hands of a new permanent owner.

In October we commenced a formal sale process with the support of our advisors, Korda Mentha.   

Whilst this process has run longer than planned there remains a strong focus on closing the sale and there are several parties that we are in advanced discussions with. 

The process has the support of the Australian Professional Leagues (APL) and Korda Mentha and we are confident this will be completed soon.

In the meantime, it is important that we all remain focused on doing our best to support our Women’s and Men’s teams as they give their all for this Club in the balance of the ALW and ALM competitions.